Joseph Smith’s multiple wives: And why I don’t care at all

jospeh in liberty

I wasn’t always Mormon. Not even close. I was baptized about three different times in three different churches and I sang the songs out of almost every hymn book there is. I’ve worshiped at altars and I’ve rocked out to Christian rock (still do) and I’ve sang in gospel choirs. And along the way I…

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Marriage took everything out of me


I got married young. And fast. To some, that’s a bad combination. But it wasn’t to us. I was nearly done with schooling and he was somewhere in the middle, and it would be…well, perfect. But then I learned something. The part that romance novels and Hollywood and love gurus don’t talk about when you’re getting…

It isn’t a sin to get mad at God

mad at god

Here I sit in the early morning light and my whole house is still asleep except for me. There is a decorative pumpkin already on the coffee table and a candle that smells like cinnamon. And every now and then a chill creeps in through the open window and reminds me that it’s that time…

You aren’t “saved”

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Originally posted on 8ways2:
“I’m a nurse.”  Well actually that’s a lie.  I’m in the process of becoming a nurse. “I’m saved.”  That’s also a lie.  I’m in the process of becoming saved. I’ve heard people say to me “I’m saved” as if their judgment is already set in stone.  This devalues Jesus Christ who…


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