Fighting infertility: Blessings in the struggle


There’s not a lot I’ve been able to do this past week. I’ve been dozing in and out most days, at the whim of painkillers, heat packs, and Netflix. All three of those *equally* a Godsend. But between naps and monitored walks around my apartment I’ve had lots of time to think about everything that…

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It isn’t a sin to get mad at God

mad at god

Here I sit in the early morning light and my whole house is still asleep except for me. There is a decorative pumpkin already on the coffee table and a candle that smells like cinnamon. And every now and then a chill creeps in through the open window and reminds me that it’s that time…

You aren’t “saved”

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Originally posted on 8ways2:
“I’m a nurse.”  Well actually that’s a lie.  I’m in the process of becoming a nurse. “I’m saved.”  That’s also a lie.  I’m in the process of becoming saved. I’ve heard people say to me “I’m saved” as if their judgment is already set in stone.  This devalues Jesus Christ who…

The worth of an addict

male portrait

“Just don’t show my face”. He said it almost immediately, before I even knew this would be much of a story. But it’s a story that needed to be told, with or without his picture. I’m an addict. This is Jay’s story. The addiction started when he was just fifteen. And so did the dreams. Dreams…


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