Birthday at sunset: Matt’s big 2-5


This post is a little late, but nonetheless, Happy Birthday to my handsome husband, Matt!

I love birthdays. Always have. And when it’s Matt’s birthday, it’s JUST as exciting as my own–probably even more so. This year, I decided to make it a little extra-special for him and decided to actually give him a surprise since he usually does a good job at weaseling everything out of me!

After picking me up from work, I successfully got our car to the waterfront without him figuring it out first. And then I let it all out: We were going on a dinner cruise around Lake Washington!

Yes, it was a present for me too obviously 😉


The service was second to none– we were seated at a beautifully set cherry-wood table with huge windows on either side of us overlooking the lake. We left the harbor right at sunset, just in time to see the water reflect brilliant shades of pink and orange. It was the most beautiful sight–and couldn’t be seen from anywhere except smack dab in the middle of the lake.


We also ate our hearts out…and because we’re Kayla and Matt, that was simply the best part. They had a huge buffet of fruits, steamed veggies, salmon, glazed steaks, roasted chicken, garlic potatoes, lasagna, you name it. And after that, dessert. I think I gained ten pounds from that alone. But boy, was it worth it.

My favorite part was going onto the deck of the boat, starting out toward the shore, and then being the silliest pair on the boat as we took crazy pictures.


The only reason they didn’t kick us off the boat was because there was nowhere to kick us to 😉 But in all seriousness, we could never really be royals *cue the Lorde song* but it sure was fun to be spiffy for a night and pretend we fit in with that crowd.


I love my city. Ever since I can remember I’ve admired Seattle. And I guess this birthday present was a way for me to show Matt just one more thing that his new hometown has that makes it one of the prettiest in the country. I agree there are so many more sites that are to die for. I’ve seen them first hand–I love the U.S. because of how diverse all the states are and special. But Seattle–in my heart, it has a special kind of beauty. And who better to share it with then the birthday boy, the love of my life?

Happy Birthday, Matt. Here’s to a hundred more.

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