Flexi-Pin giveaway winner

Congratulations to Brianne Brower, our winner of the Flexi Pin giveaway!!

The giveaway ended on Oct. 18th–the turnout was SO great and I hope to do another giveaway soon. I’m so excited you’ll be able to wear your pretty hair jewelry now, Brianne! 🙂

Also–I wanted to give a big thanks to Tori Gollihugh, a consultant for Lilla Rose, who hosted this giveaway and was so generous to do it. She told me when we first started this giveaway that when she first discovered the Flexi Pin the reason she loved it was because of the way it made her feel. And I can attest to that. This company makes the most beautifully designed hair pieces *for a way-reasonable price* and they have the personalized beauty that truly makes you feel like your hair shines. Love them!

Thanks to everyone who took part in this and enjoy your Flexi pin, Brianne!



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