A *Lemmony* Christmas Fundraiser

The Christmas season is upon us, friends.

And if you’re like me, you procrastinate. Big time. I wait ’til the last minute to get my shopping done and each year I regret it. Well thank GOODNESS for online shopping–am I right?!

My husband is holding a fundraiser in his nursing program and 5% of the proceeds will go toward missionary work around the world. So OF COURSE I wanted to post it here on my blog since my readers are THE BEST. He has to sell a certain number of shirts for the orders to be completed, so share with your friends!

Also, since I just LOVE the idea of a Christmas fundraiser that also goes toward our missionaries, I will be posting more items in the coming days as I help him in this, but for now, here are some of the shirts that he’s selling. It’s a one stop shop for a gift AND missionary work. *Can it get better?!*;)

Merry Christmas–and remember to check back for more fun gift shirts in the coming days!

Order it here for $13!

mormonmom  mormon mom back

Order it here for $12.50!

mormon stud

Order it here for $13!

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