Joseph Smith’s multiple wives: And why I don’t care at all

I wasn’t always Mormon.

Not even close. I was baptized about three different times in three different churches and I sang the songs out of almost every hymn book there is. I’ve worshiped at altars and I’ve rocked out to Christian rock (still do) and I’ve sang in gospel choirs. And along the way I took steps–vital steps–towards getting to where I am. And to where I’m going.

Each religion, each church, each sermon taught me a little more and steered me a little more and prompted all those important questions that beg to be answered. And slowly, little by little, I was converting to Christ.

And I still am, even now.

My baptism in the Mormon church didn’t stamp on my forehead a “Good to go” pass. To be honest, I knew very little except for the fact that I knew it was true, I felt the spirit like never before, and I was so IN LOVE with the light. But it was just the beginning–the very beginning trailhead–of a daily journey and a daily conversion.


Because of that, you can imagine my confusion when I learned, around the fall of 2010, that Joseph Smith had multiple wives near the end of his life. You can imagine the way I shrunk in my seat during my Book of Mormon class and hurried back to my apartment with my hood shielding me from snowflakes and frozen tears.

I was angry.

They didn’t tell me about that! I said through clenched teeth. Sure, I knew polygamy was part of our church’s history, just as it’s part of Biblical history and even pagan history. But Joseph Smith? My newest hero?

It felt like he died all over again and turned into a monster at the same time. I crumbled. I wondered if I should go home. If I should even be a member anymore. I prayed a lot, wondering why something so big hadn’t been brought to the surface until now.

Because of those feelings I turned to a mentor who I had grown close to and trusted more than anyone else.

I cried to him about my predicament, expressing how betrayed I felt.

And he said just one thing: “Do you believe he’s a prophet?”

“Yes.” I answered it without thinking. Because–well, of course I did. I’ll never forget the chills that ran through me when I read Joseph’s testimony or heard for the first time of the story when he knelt to pray in a grove of sunlit trees. I’ll never forget the peace that rushed through me when I closed the Book of Mormon after reading the last page or the way those I’d lost along the way somehow seemed to encircle my bed and sing a chorus of joy. Of course he was a prophet. I had no doubt that he was chosen to restore all that had been lost and degenerated over the years.

sacred grove

After I said yes my mentor nodded simply and tears filled his eyes. “Then that’s our answer.”

And with that, he encouraged me to go on a trip that was about to take place. A week long church history trip that would start in Illinois, a place where the early saints lived and worshiped and built a temple and then started a long and deadly journey to the west. Without thinking twice I went.

And it was there that I learned about it all–the good, the bad, the ugly–the reason he’d be known not only for his compassion and dedication and the way he’d play with the children and write love letters to his true love Emma, but for evil in a day and age where some deeds are misunderstood and mislabeled.

I sat here at the place where he fell to his death.

Nauvoo Trip-248

I touched every statue that paid tribute to his sacrifice.


I stood in reverence at the staircase where the herd of men stormed toward the room where Joseph hid with the others, guns in hand, ready to end it all.

Nauvoo Trip-253

And I sat at his final resting place, listening to the wind and smelling wildflower that blossoms every year beside the stones.


And I loved him more, even while knowing more.

Like Abraham, Jacob, Solomon, David–and who knows how many more–he sealed to multiple wives for reasons that seem unsettling to us today. Like prophets before, he did things that seem disturbing in modern day times all for the work of the Lord. Like prophets that came before him he put God first, even when his reputation threatened to decay and even when he’d be like a lamb to the slaughter. Like prophets before him, he spoke truth. He put God first. He had no other Savior except Christ Himself. And because of that, I sat at his tombstone over 150 years later with tears in my eyes, my heart knit to a gospel I might have never known without him.

jospeh in liberty

The Savior wasn’t popular…and He still isn’t. Moses could barely speak. Abinadi burned at the stake as he spoke of the coming Messiah. And people laughed and mocked Noah as he spoke of the flood and built an ark in the glow of a dry sun. But they were God’s servants.

And I love them for it.

There will always be a shadow if you look for it–some reason to doubt, or fear or wrinkle your nose at the thought. There will always be the one thing that Satan uses to convince you it’s all a lie. All an act.

But the spirit of truth tells us to remember. The love. The truth. The doctrine. The goosebumps during that part in the song that reminds us, “Millions shall know brother Joseph again”.

So I say praise to the man who communed with Jehovah.


Praise and honor given to the man who reminded us of Christ and whose hands gently fit in all the missing puzzle pieces.

Praise to the man who taught of a loving Heavenly Father and taught of His ways, even when tar burnt his flesh the night before.

Reverence given to a mouthpiece who said first that families are forever, well past the grave. That my dad, my cousin, your mom, your brother, our friends before us–will all see God.

That’s all I need to know to love him.

Praise is given to that.

362 thoughts on “Joseph Smith’s multiple wives: And why I don’t care at all

  1. so you’re honestly telling us that if Monson decided God told him to bang your wife and she and all your children aren’t actually yours but now his for all eternity, you’ll be fine with that? What if he wanted your 13 year old daughter? I’m sure the ‘saints’ of Joseph’s time didn’t think it could happen to them either. If you’re really ok with that you’re more disturbed and mentally ill than anyone can really imagine. Jonestown would have been your finally resting place had you been mixed up with that group.

    1. Chani, it is obvious that you think that you are smarter than all believers (including the writer of the blog). The truth is that you are not, nor do you have any class (based on your post). Hopefully, you are only crude, snarky and ignorant when hiding behind an alias.

      I’ve had very similar experiences to those of the writer. I had experience with ‘anti-Mormon’ and Mormon literature (yes, you can easily find this information in the History of the Church–it isn’t hidden), so there was no surprise.

      1. Matt, very classic Mormon response………… ” The truth is that you are not, nor do you have any class (based on your post). Hopefully, you are only crude, snarky and ignorant when hiding behind an alias.”………… A tacking the character of those who speak the plain hard truth. There were FLDS parents laying down their daughters in the temple for the prophet, Warren Jeffs, to rape; why? They had the same “Feelings” you did; Feelings aren’t truth!

      2. What does Chani’s response/question have anything to do with being smart? Protecting one’s children from adult sexual predators is a basic instinct! If you do not have that instinct then you are immoral. The crude one here is Mr Smith and every LDS leader that participated in polygamy as well as polyandry and in marrying other living men’s wives.

      3. What does Chani’s response/question have anything to do with being “smart”?? Protecting one’s children from adult sexual predators in a basic instinct, no smarts required. And if you don’t have it, then you are immoral. The crude one here is Mr Smith and all LDS leader that participated in polygamy, polyandry, and in marrying other living men’s wives. Mormonsim is a scary cult.

    2. Are you honestly telling me that you believe President Monson, a man that has served his church for over 50 years, spent every waking hour for other benefit, and loved by the members of the church, is capable of fulfilling your self aggrandized behavior. What a warped sick mind. A mind that is not capable of bringing itself out of the gutter.

    3. “If” is an interesting word Chani. If your grandma had wheels, she’d be a wagon. If you don’t believe, that’s your choice. If we belive in Joseph Smith, that’s our choice, so don’t worry about it. Also, you are confusing fundamentalist LDS with mainstream Latter Day Saints (Mormons)

      1. It’s not confusion it’s facts. Joseph Smith married other men’s wives and children all under the premis that God had commanded it. Joseph would tell them God commanded it and their salvation and their families salvation depended on it. Read D and C 132 the whole section. He told Emma she would be destroyed if she didn’t let him practice polygamy. It also says men could commit any sin except murder and be saved so long as they practice polygamy”under the covenant”. This is clear evidence that Joseph was a sexual preditor just like Warren Jeffs is. You can’t do everything Joseph Smith did and be a good person and certainly you wouldn’t be a prophet.

    4. God would not ask us to do something like that. I don’t know why he allowed prophets like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph Smith to have multiple wives. But I know He loves us and there is a reason. He’ll tell us later; we don’t need to know now. There’s lots of things I don’t know, and I do have doubts and questions about the Gospel. But the wonderful thing is that despite my doubts, what I know and what the Spirit has told me calms my doubts and allows me to just have faith in my Heavenly Father. We don’t need to know everything. In fact, we can’t handle all truth at once. It would like be telling a child all the truths of being an adult. It would make no sense to them and they would just get confused and lost. We are His children and He won’t give us more than we can handle, but He will slowly add truth as we grow. He loves me, you, and everyone else no matter our situation. All He asks is for us to become better each day.

      1. That sounds like something a Fundamentalist Mormon would say, “He’ll tell us later, we don’t need to know now.” to defend Warren Jeffs as he rots in jail on multiple child rape convictions.
        I believe in the truth. I believe it’s possible to know the truth. It doesn’t take a PhD. in theology to determine if it was right or wrong for Joseph Smith and Brigham Young to claim their follower’s wives and teenage daughters and make babies with them after sending them away on missions for the church and ruining their lives.
        To anybody with a functioning conscience that WRONG!!!
        The only ones with any confusion on the matter are Mormons, who are morally blinded when it comes to the actions of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, because they just can’t fathom how a Prophet of God could be no better than Warren Jeffs, when in reality, they were no better than him.

  2. I think a lot of people here are missing the whole point of the article. Regardless of YOUR take on polygamy this article explains in the first few paragraphs how the author came to terms with this issue.

    It really comes down to the questions you ask as a missionary to investigators. First, Is the Book of Mormon true and from God?Second is Joseph Smith a Prophet? and Last is the current leadership/church Gods church on earth with restored priesthood authority? The answers to all the questions is a simple YES or NO.

    The gospel of Christ has always been under attack from the “learned and educated” those who seek out semi-truths and then twist them to there own ends. It is very difficult to separate truth from fiction. Lies are told, history books can be altered, perceptions of “first hand” accounts can be twisted or misinterpreted.

    There is only one truth, either Joseph Smith was commanded to practice polygamy and did so according to Gods will or not. There is no middle ground here. And the ONLY way to be certain is to go to the source. God has promised that he will answers sincere prayers to those who humble themselves before him. So for those that hate or despise the practice of polygamy by early members of the church. Go ahead and study it, search out answers from both sides. Then take it to God in a heartfelt prayer with an open mind and heart. The answer will come. And that answer is all that’s needed to shift through the lies and untruths that either side may be saying.

    This woman did just that and this is her story. This is what she experienced as she sought the truth. And I thank her for putting her heart and testimony out in the open for everyone to see.

    1. Does the song, “Turn It Off” from the musical “Book of Mormon” sound familiar?

      Does the words, “Doubt your Doubts” or “The thinking has been done” Sound familiar?

      This is a naïve and totally dishonest approach. If the D&C is the word of Jesus and canonized, then “Proclamation to the Family” is anti-Christ. If Joseph and was inspired to give us D&C 131 & 132….well then his sealing to other men’s wives (polyandry) was against God’s commandments on Plural Marriage. Uchtdorf’s G.C. talk, “Give Brother Joseph a break…” showed how bad the promotion of ignorance and hiding the truths has become.

      Now having said all of this. There is no reason that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can’t become a Christian religion. The policies, practices and theology has changed so much from when it started (i.e. Priesthood bestowed on all worthy males, Word of Wisdom, Polygamy/Polyandry, temple rites, etc…). So even though I’m ranting against the blogger’s opinions, musings, feelings (I can’t call it testimony because no directive, scripture, revelation backs up her belief). There are familial, tribal, emotional and spiritual reasons to stick with the LDS as long as a person perceives more light and goodness coming from it and its followers than bad.

      1. Your sources all appear to be hostile to the church. You haven’t looked at both sides of the issue. You are making poor assumptions, based on incomplete information and accusations supported only by vain imaginations.
        First of all, a sealing isn’t quite the same thing as marriage. Today a young couple is usually both married and sealed in the Temple at the same time. They can also be married first, and sealed later. People can even be married in this life, and sealed after death. Obviously, there is a difference between the two ordinances.
        Now Brigham Young was both sealed and married to several women, and had something like 50 children to prove it. Joseph Smith might have been married to a few, but a great many were just sealings. So far, the only known children of Joseph Smith came from Emma. Brody made several accusations in her book “No Man Knows My History”, but it turns out that they were predominantly rumors,and false ones at that. Most all the rest of the books hostile to Joseph Smith use her book as their bible. Lies based on lies.
        I have yet to see any evidence that Joseph Smith was sexually intimate with anyone to whom he was only “sealed”.

        Then there is the real issue; when is sexual intimacy good, and when is it dirty? Can a Justice of the Peace, or the Captain of a ship somehow change its nature? I submit that intimacy without love is dirty, and that the covenant between man and wife is a covenant of love, or at least a very good sign of it. Each sacrifices some of their freedom for the other, fully recognizing the consequences of an intimate union, and agreeing to build a family together. Brigham Young had more than one family, but they were families. His children were brought up in a loving home. His relationship with each of these women was sacred, not scandalous.

  3. Over the years I have kept a lot of my views toward Joseph Smith to myself not wanting to offend. since I didn’t see a name on this I wonder if this is what Elder Uchtdorf meant when he said beware of unnamed anonymous things on the internet. I suspect though this was produced or helped produced by the church to help support the narrative of Elder Anderson to “Give Brother Joseph A Break” talk in conference. Well to be blunt no I won’t give Joseph a break nor does he deserve one, this I can’t let this stand without comment. Now to the article. First, what Joesph did was way beyond polygamy and it did not happen late in his life. He started to have problems with women right after he was married in the early 1830’s staring with the tar and feathering when the Johnson brothers believed he was fooling around with their 16 year old sister. Then he had an affair with Fanny Agler in 1835. Now to the Nauvoo period where is was more a felon then a polygamist. Lets see how many of you would say it’s ok for a 38 year old man to secretly marry 11 woman mostly behind your wife’s back that were already married, many to active church members, hmmmmmm. What would you do if it was your wive? Ok if that doesnt bother you how many of you would be willing for that same man to take one of your 18, 17, 16, 15 or yes even 14 year old daughters as a wife, again totaling at least 11?? Yes some he did have sex with but even if he didn’t so what. Again most if not all behind the back of his supposed true love of his life Emma. These actions are wrong today, yesterday or in any part of history that has a moral society. I do believe he violated at least four of the 10 commandments, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not covet they neighbors wife, thous shalt not steal and they shalt not bear false witness. Plus he violated Jesus teaching that it is better a millstone be hung around your neck and be drowned in the depth of the sea rather then harm on of these little ones. I believe a 14 year old girl qualifies for that. No good deeds, good feeling or good works justifies any of these things period. Frankly I get ill to my stomach when I hear the song “Praise to the Man”. All I can think about is what 14 year old Helen Mar Kimball must of felt like when her father gave her way to a man three times her age. I have read real world accounts of young woman that were given away to older men in Colorado City and the the horror and pain they went through up to the point of physically shaking and sobbing on their wedding night . So if the church wants to have us give Brother Joseph a break and they want to rehabilitate him the first thing they need to do is come clean on what he really did not white wash it. Now what each of you feel about Joseph Smith is personal and up to you but I will not stand by and let a false narrative be posted on the internet that I know not to be true. I know it is a tough thing to face believe me I did and it turned my life upside down. I went through immense pain and darkness for several years of my life and I will not let other people minimize the facts of Joseph Smith’s life and the choices he made.

      1. Kayla, just want to say it is wonderful you were able to find the answers you were looking for about the Prophet Joseph. It took a lot of faith for you to do what you did so you could find that truth. Returning to the Source is always a wonderful way to find truth, with a humble heart and contrite spirit.

        Also, going on the Church History Tour is a wonderful thing to do to learn what really happened in the history of the Church. The Hill Cumorah, The Sacred Grove, Nauvoo, Carthage Jail, Kirtland; they are all wonderful places to be in to learn of the Lord’s work. There is a certain sacredness about all of them. It is like walking on hallowed ground.

      2. Some people don’t understand what it’s like to gain or share a testimony. It took a lot of courage to post this because there are a lot of awful and hate filled people. Just like you said in the article, the prophets of old were not popular! Thank you for being a shining example and sharing your personal testimony. I felt your sincerity through your blog and I appreciate you!

    1. @George, you seem to have such a deep seated hatred and disdain towards Joseph as if you actually witnessed first hand how evil and horrible a person he was??? I say let it go, dude! You’ll have your chance to confront Joseph when he and you stands before the judgement bar of God in the end. If he was all that you claim he was, God will let you know. And If it turns out he was innocent of the charges you made, well then who knows but that God may punish you by having a chorus of angels sing to you “Praise to the Man” over and over and over again until your head explodes? But I doubt that will happen. It’s a beautiful hymn and tribute to a humble man and a true prophet of God.

      1. Individually I guess you can defend anyone of the at least 34 wives. Think about that 34. At least 11 teenagers, 11 other men’s wives most not known to Emma or their current husbands. Did he have sex with all of them who knows but he did have sex with some. Fact. How many does it take? I personally know a woman who grew up in Colorado City and at the age of 16 was given away by her father to a much older man. In her case sex didn’t take place right away but the must devastating thing to her was being given to a man she didn’t choose and having as she put it her life end. As I read her account it was heart breaking and sickinging. What happened to her is exactly what Joseph Smith did to many young girls. Then you have all the other problems. First Vision accounts, priesthood restoration problems, Kirkland bank fraud, Book of Mormon problems, submarines in 600BC for a year on the ocean, LOL, Book of Abaraham problems, now stone in a hat, Mason’s and the Temple Ceremony, the church today becoming more a real estate developer then a church, this is the short version. When is the point reached there to many holes in the boat. So go ahead and sing Praise to the Man and why you do sudsitute your 14 year old daughters name with Helen Mar Kimballs and your wifes with which ever of the 11 married woman you choose.

    2. I wish I had time to fact check your claims but the fact that you took it to the facts, true or false, means that you failed to read and understand the point of this article. It really doesn’t matter. If the Church of Jesus Christ is true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God, then Joseph Smith was a prophet and he will be condemned for his own sins the same as I will be may God justify what He will in both of our lives. By the same argument, If the Church of Jesus Christ is false and the Book of Mormon is a fictional work, then Joseph Smith was a false prophet. It can’t be any other way. The author of the article explains that she found in her heart a personal witness that the Church of Jesus Christ is the Truth. Therefore, the details of Joseph Smith’s life are no longer important to the convincing one way or the other over whether he’s a true prophet or not. Does that mean we should ignore his life? God Forbid. There is always lessons of things done right and things done wrong in the lives of every human being. The Bible itself is replete with the stories of the prophets and the lives they led for better or for worse. In fact, it would be quite the sure sign that we were lying about him if we claimed he was a perfect man don’t you think?

      1. Mormons claim we should ‘follow the Prophet’ and sing his praises.
        I could not in good conscience, allow my children to be indoctrinated to believe it was good to sing the praises of Joseph’s Myth, knowing he raped little girls and other men’s wives.

      2. today, I would be excommunicated for what Joseph did. Oliver Cowdery called Joseph’s trist with Fanny Alger a “dirty, nasty, filthy affair.” That is what it was. Helen Mar Kimball married at 14 wrote that she was offered by her father to Joseph as a “ewe lamb.” Joseph married several servant girls who worked in his house behind Emma’s back. She found out and was furious.

        The God I believe in was not more interested in Joseph’s sex life, sending an angel to threaten him if he did not take more beautiful minors and women, than caring for the poor. No, I will confidently stand in the afterlife before my maker, and no Joseph will NOT be there to be my judge. I so testify.

        I was a lifetime member, served a honorable mission, etc. I found out about this, and tens of other problems with Joseph Smith that we do not speak of at church. I have concluded that the 4 to 5 million active mormons, including myself, do not hold the secret sauce to salvation. I reached this conclusion not only because of Joseph and his adultery, but because such a plan is impotent. No my God is much more powerful and interested I much more noble things than Joseph’s sex life.

        I am sure no minds will be changed as a result of this post, but truth should be pursued. Many members fear actually exploring Joseph’s exploits. I suit that if he was a true prophet, the truth about him should withstand honest exploration. Hiding your head in this sand and not looking… Well that is not honest at all.

    3. I still thrill to that hymn George. I’m just wondering if you convinced anyone to leave the LDS Church today with your claims about Joseph Smith. No going to stand by and allow “false narrative” on the internet? You must have a busy life!

    4. The problem here is that it is really fairly impossible to know the full narrative or the truth of every action taken 150 years ago. The facts, as far as they can be ascertained by professionals in the field, are fragmentary at best.
      You can claim you know the true story, but then you are claiming to know what no scholar who has studied it for decades knows, and something that is not available on the internet or in print.
      When someone makes claims like this they loose credibility.

      Oh, and your assumptions on this being part of some grand conspiracy on the part of the church are so out there that you again loose credibility. This thread was started over a year ago, so unless you are going to argue that the church has been planning the last conference for that long (a ridiculous claim) than your accusations are meaningless.

    5. A couple of quick things – there’s no evidence that Joseph slept with Helen. She continued to live at her parents house after the marriage. Historians have written: The prophet’s marriage to her seems to have been largely dynastic—a union arranged by Joseph and Heber to seal the Kimball family to a seer, church president, and presiding patriarchal figure of the dispensation of the fullness of times” (Compton 1997, p. 486). Also – when he died – Helen married Horace Whitney and bore her first child a year later. If she (or any of these other women) had been sleeping with Joseph, certainly at least one of them would have become pregnant and there is no evidence this happened. The majority of marriages were for the eternal binding of families, not so he could sleep with a lot of different women.

      1. If he didn’t have sex with them than Joseph was going against the commandment regarding polygamy”…for they are given unto him to multiply and replenish the earth…” D&C 132:63. Either he was having sex with many woman/children (some who were far too young) or he wasn’t and was willingly violating the commandants. Either way, it casts a dark shadow on his character.

    6. You certainly talk like an educated man that has done extensive research. I would ask…What and Who do you believe? If you think their is an eternity we are still tiny little children with so much more to learn. Some think they know everything or nothing. What I would say to you is to keep learning with a single eye to God and no one else. You might not find the answers you want, but God will be pleased you’re asking

    7. George, some questions to ask you. After reading your entry, I have analyzed that you have strayed. That you have forgotten who you are. So, lets put things into perspective, shall we!

      1. When was the last time you read the Book of Mormon sincerely and then asked God of the truth thereof?
      2. When was the last time you spent time in sincere prayer to your Heavenly Father and listened to the answers He gave to you and took them humbly in your life?
      3. When was the last time you went to church to truly worship and renew your covenants with the Sacrament and think serious of what the covenant is to take His name upon you and always remember Him and keep His commandments?
      4. When was the last time you went to the temple with a full purpose of heart, to serve your loved ones who had passed on or other who had not the chance to hear the truth and perform in sacred covenants themselves?
      5. When is the last time you paid a full honest tithe with gladness in your heart to do it, and also to pay a reasonable fast offering so someone in need could be helped?

      The list can go on and on, George! But ;these will suffice. If you are doing all of these honestly and humbly, then you know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and all the things you said of him are false. Only an honest and humble person would speak truth. They don’t speak to hurt or spite others. My friend, somewhere you took a wrong turn and lost the Spirit of Truth. That is why you spent so much time in darkness. Don’t tell me you are truly satisfied with yourself and found the light, especially if you went through a period of darkness. Satan can full people, give them a faults sense of pride, make them think things are alright now. It is everyone else that is not alright.

      Don’t be a Sherem or Korihor! Do not allow Satan to drive you to believe his lies. In the end, if you do fall for his lies, he will leave you like he did Sherem and Korihor! I think you are a better person than that to stoop to lies!

      This post is not just for you but anyone else who wants to make a mock of truth. Think about it, anyone who would go out of there way to speak derogatory about something has a bur in their saddle. Otherwise, they would care what other people believe. They would let other people worship how, where and what they may, without criticism.

      1. Good questions I read the Book of Mormon twice after I started to find out the true history of the church. It was a corner stone of my testimony. The first thing I got to was Nepi killing Laban. Why kill a passed out old man and bloody clothes to use as a discise. Then one year on the ocean with Jaradite submarines in 600 bc really. Then the whole book became a and black and white simplistic mess. I did fast many times begging God for answers. I was loosing my faith. I will
        Also include many trips to the temple praying in the Celestial room calls to BYU professors talks with my church leaders and one general authority who said he didn’t know about this but would get bad to me which he never did. I also continued to go to church 2 1/2 years after I lost my testimony for my kids. Eventually I lost my temple recommend because I wouldn’t lie to get it. I was at church in August for a missionary homecoming. Sacerment was the same nothing changes and what is amazing is after you are gone a while you don’t realize how hollow and lifeless it is. Last of all I went through darkness for a time. I had just lost what I thought and believed with every fiber of my soul was the truth and I find out it is a fraud, yes I went through darkness and anger. Today though I have found the most peace and happiness of freedom of thought and responsibility for my life that I thought was never possible. I’m not perfect but a much better person and happier and fulfilled then I ever thought I could be. Last of all I did raise my last two children out of the church and they have turned out great, better then I hoped and are now free to make their own path. So there you have it. One question, Korihor really I was hoping for Hitler. I guess I still have to work on my dark side.

      2. You cannot trust prayer. Most religions use prayer to confirm that their religion is the one true one. They honestly pray and are given confirmation that it their church it true. It seems that most people in every religion have strong spiritual confirmation that theirs is the one true church but they cannot all be right so prayer is an unreliable method of determining truth. If it were reliable, then we wouldn’t have all of the different religions/belies. Even Heaven’s Gate suicide cult had wording almost identical to Moroni’s promise and people got a spiritual confirmation strong enough to kill themselves.

        Also, “anyone who would go out of there way to speak derogatory about something has a bur in their saddle. Otherwise, they would care what other people believe. They would let other people worship how, where and what they may, without criticism.” Hypocrite! The LDS church has 80K missionaries doing this everyday all across the world. Sure, some will use nice language the the end goal of every missionary is to baptize people into the mormon church which requires making the convert lose faith in their existing church. The church cannot be defensive about people being critical of it while it is actively engaging in tearing down other religions. Sure the LDS church might not call it tearing down a church, but the other churches sure do!

    8. You have your source of information from that pillar of truth, the internet itself. As far as truth, you can’t handle it and instead have chosen to believe in grossly mis-represntative fairy tales . Please go find another place to troll

    9. The only thing I will say about any of this is referring to your disgust at the ages. You state “I believe a 14 year old girl qualifies for that” You are forgetting one very simple thing. A 14 year old girl in that time period was not considered a child. My grandmother was married at 14, and it was a pretty common thing at her point in time. In fact, if you weren’t married by 18, you were considered an old maid, and unlikely to ever get married. And this was 100 years AFTER Joseph Smith. I am not defending Joseph Smith. He doesn’t need me to defend him. I have not spent a ton of time thinking about any of this, as I am mostly an inactive member. And do not particularly care one way or another. But the one thing that I find highly amusing is the disgust people show that he was marrying “children” when in fact, in that day and time, they were more than old enough to marry. It’s like Kayla said. Many prophets did things that would be frowned upon and make our people today disgusted. Not just “Mormon” prophets, but biblical prophets as well. Because those were different times and different things were the norm. And this is no different. Back then, marrying at 13 and 14 years old was normal. NOT being married by 18 was considered very odd, and the “old maid” would be shunned for not marrying by then. So please remember your disgust at the ages does not apply to that day and time 🙂

      1. @Dina,
        “Back then, marrying at 13 and 14 years old was normal. NOT being married by 18 was considered very odd, and the “old maid” would be shunned for not marrying by then.”

        This is absolutely not true. The average age of marriage back then was still 22-25 for men and 21-22 for women. Also, it is one thing for a 15 year old to marry a 15-18 year old. It is another for a 36 year old (JS) to marry a 14 year old.

    10. Claim #1 – Nancy Marinda Johnson

      So, right into it, claim number one, Nancy Miranda Johnson. I’m using Van Wagoner here because he gives the most evidence, if you will, or the most examples. So, we’ll use him as a base and we’ll go into the others as we need it, just to see how different authors handle the evidence. This is a quotation from him, on page 4, note. This is right out of the gate, this is what you get:
      …allegations in Hiram, Ohio, reportedly caused problems for Smith in 1832. One account related that on 24 March [1832] a mob of men pulled Smith from his bed, beat him, and then covered him with a coat of tar and feathers. Eli Johnson, who allegedly participated in the attack “because he suspected Joseph of being intimate with his sister, Nancy Marinda Johnson, … was screaming for Joseph’s castration” (Brodie 1975, 119) – Van Wagoner, 4.

      Wow, juicy stuff!
      The only source for this claim, you’ll notice, is Fawn Brodie—that should send your antennae twitching right there. When I first encountered this passage, I didn’t know who Brodie was, so I was naÔve. So, already, we have a common phenomenon that you’ll see over and over again—the critical sources on this matter repeatedly quote each other. Getting back to what the actual source is takes a good deal of work.
      There’s more. If you bother to check the endnotes to Van Wagoner’s book, you will then read this (I’ve added the emphasis):

      “That an incident between Smith and Nancy Johnson precipitated the mobbing is unlikely. Sidney Rigdon was attacked just as viciously by the group as was Smith. And the leader of the mob, Simonds Ryder [you know, Mr. You-can’t-spell-my-name-right], later said that the attack occurred because members of the mob had found some documents that led them to believe “the horrid fact that a plot was laid to take their property from them and place it under the control of Smith” (Hill 1977, 146). Besides, John Johnson had no son Eli. His only sons were John, Jr., Luke, Olmstead, and Lyman (Newell and Avery 1984, 41).”

      Okay, now I’m not a lawyer but it seems to me that if you have an admission from the guy controlling the mob as to why they did it, that that might be something you might want to put in the main body of the text. But it wasn’t, was it?
      So, there’s another hostile version of the attack we learn about in the endnotes.1 In fact, there are two other hostile versions, neither of which Van Wagoner bothers to quote.2 There’s also one from Sidney Rigdon’s son which also doesn’t support the version that Van Wagoner gives us in the main text. But, let’s be grateful for small mercies, we at least got one; we mustn’t get greedy, after all.

    11. Where is the proof of all your accusations? People made up a lot of lies to discredit Joseph Smith. The priesthood, the church, the restoration, the predictions in the Bible of all of this is all true. I know cause I’m living it. Joseph Smith had flaws just like any other human or prophet who ever lived. “Those without sin cast the first stone”

    12. Thank you for saying exactly how I feel. I too will not “Give brother Joseph a break”. I prayed about this and did not get a warm fuzzy spiritual testimony that this was of God.

  4. The connection to today is the thousands of righteous worthy members of the true church of God because of this temporary commandment. Although I am not one of them, those whom I know who were from Pioneer and polygamist roots are the backbone of the church and are great, faithful members. They are touched by that same spirit you were explaining in a connection that you and I will never fully enjoy or understand.

  5. Mormons really need to answer this simple question before fielding an army of 90,000 missionaries every day,
    How do you reconcile singing the praises of a man who abused his power and authority to exploit his followers by raping ther wives and teenage daughters?
    If he were alive today he’d be sharing a jail cell with Warren Jeffs, who REALLY followed Joseph’s example.

  6. The sealing ceremony was much different in the earliest days of the church. Many women wanted to be sealed to a prophet but they never lived with him as husband and wife on this Earth. They were not sealed for time, just for eternity. Joseph only lived with Emma and only had children with Emma.

    1. What about the faithful Mormon men whom Joseph was sealed to their wife? Who are the kids sealed to? Would it mean that not only did Joseph steal their wives but their kids as well?

    2. Really? The LDS website specifically admits that he most likely had sexual relationships with women.

      “Sealings for time and eternity included commitments and relationships during this life, generally including the possibility of sexual relations. Eternity-only sealings indicated relationships in the next life alone.

      Evidence indicates that Joseph Smith participated in both types of sealings. ”

  7. I sense and feel darkness as I read the replies to Kayla”s Blog entry concerning Joseph Smith. While Kayla openly and honestly shares her testimony and experience of the sacred and sublime, others would profane. I stand with her as a witness of Joseph Smith the Prophet. We do not pocess all of the answers to the things we do not understand. Because God is perfect, I accept that the lack of futher knowledge concerning the matter is purposeful. People will deny the validity of the Book of Mormon because the engraved plates are no longer to be seen by human eyes or touched by human hands. Yet, many will believe in the plates on which were inscribed the Ten Commandments, or the Ark of the Covenant, even though physical evidence no longer exists. Polygamy is a practice that reaches far back into the Old Testament, and was practiced by prophets of old. God felt no need to explain the practice then, either. We might assume that such a practice in the time of Joseph Smith was instrumental in quickly raising a righteous and a believing blood-line. Many strong, loving, faithful, and Christ-like individuals have come to this earth through those marriages. That is one explanation. There are countless others. Some Sealings occurred simply to bless families and generations through ceremonial covenants that can only be preformed in sacred temples. It is dangerous to look at parts of history through the lens of our modern society. In Joseph Smith’s day, a young girl at the age of 14 or 16 was considered an adult. And, young women…and men, for that matter, were frequently married. That was the norm. Society saw that not as abhorrent and deviant as we would in today’s society. But, even though we can argue day after day as to the merits of polygamy in Joseph Smith’s….or, for that matter, Abrahams day, the fact remains that we can have peace about it by asking God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ. My witness of the truth that Joseph was indeed a prophet, is as sacred and personal as that of Kayla’s, and received through the same pattern and Source: asking God and being taught by the Spirit. There is much toleration and respect for differing opinions and opposing ideas, but I find it so very sad when a person attacks, with blasphemy and disrespect, the most sacred experience of another. Then, what is clearly sacred and special, becomes polluted and profane…pearls presented to swine. The negative and disgusting vitriol that spews forth from some commentators is more of a narrative on that individual than it is on the subject they are commenting on. Thank you, Kayla, for sharing a part of your heart that is sacred to you, for it has fanned the fire of my own testimony and witness.

    1. You are wrong on a lot of levels. I am an active member of the church but I don’t deny the facts.
      BOM: The church knows and admits and active member church historians admit that the plates were not used to bring forth the BOM. They may have been used along with the Urim and Thummim for the original 116 pages but after that, they were not used. Church historians acknowledge that there are many 19th century literary works found in the BOM as well as the erroneous bible passages from the 1769 KJV. You can’t refute that.

      Polygamy: Even if 14-16 was considered an adult, it wasn’t the average age of marriage, it wasn’t normal for a 36 year old to marry a 14-16 year old, it went against God’s own commandements in the BOM and the Doctine and Covenants and, why would God not only break his own commandments but also threaten death to his prophet for not breaking them and if marriage is sanctified by God, why would he break that sanctity to force marriage of someone who is already married and a faithful member?

      Just because you are a TBM, doesn’t mean you have to leave the church over the facts, however, you can’t deny them either.

    1. Samantha, question (purely curious, not other motive) do you believe Samuel was also not directed by God, as he told Saul to Kill every man, woman and child of Amalek? Also curious, how do you define Moral Relatvism?

      1. No, I do not believe God has ever commanded anyone to kill people. (I don’t believe the Bible is divine.)
        And I define moral relativism as its dictionary definition – “the view that ethical standards, morality, and positions of right or wrong are culturally based and therefore subject to a person’s individual choice. We can all decide what is right for ourselves.”

      2. Thanks for the response! So one more question; If right and wrong are not culturally based, how are they defined? What do you view as the source of absolute morality? (Hope that makes sense, and that I am understanding you correctly).

    2. I think you are confusing Moral Relativism with the concept of Mitigating Circumstances. Good and Evil are absolute truths that do not change with culture. However, justice, if it is to be pure, must take into consideration the knowledge and circumstances of the person being judged.
      A person who commits an act in ignorance cannot justly be given the same punishment as one who knows their actions are evil and still does them.

  8. I’m not a member of the church, I resigned a few months ago after studying history like crazy and getting zero answers no matter how hard I tried (really hard). I know first hand what it feels like to encounter disturbing information, feel terrified, then double down in your current beliefs because that’s what feels most comfortable. (Then label it the spirit and remember the positive feelings you got in the past.) It’s classic psychology. People deny or minimize negative information that contradicts their beliefs, and as someone who went through a difficult faith transition (I never ever imagined I’d leave the church) I know how it feels to HAVE to make your beliefs work, regardless of the information that contradicts them. I don’t know how much you know about cognitive dissonance – you might already know everything I’m saying so I’ll shut up, haha.
    Anyway, I wasn’t trying to be rude to you. I have every sympathy for people who go through the struggle of encountering new and difficult information about church history, or who have doubts. I just cannot believe Joseph Smith was a prophet. Not one bit. All the best.

  9. To say Emma was his one true love is a disservice to Emma and to all the other sad girls and women he “called” into marriage and forced them to keep their marriage, sex life, and pregnancies with him a dirty secret. And Polygamy isn’t the only thing he lied about. You start pulling on one little thread… before you know it Joseph Smith’s whole story unravels. I have learned so much about Joseph Smith over the last few years I’m to the point now – I can’t even stand to look at pictures of him. He gives me the creeps.

    I found Jesus Christ via the LDS Church and am grateful for my amazing parents who pointed me in that direction. Many of my dear friends have developed a relationship with Him via other religions. When a church leader preaches that the only way back to God is through membership in their own particular religion (Hello! They ALL do it!) and then proclaim that all other religions and their spiritual / loving / obedient / charitable members (people they have never met or can possibly even imagine) are somehow automatically wrong, less-than, not going to heaven – and only members of their own particular faith will be permitted to dwell with God in the afterlife – is an arrogant and misguided attitude IMO. These people are missing the point of the two Greatest Commandments. In Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus tells us “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and prophets hang on these two commandments.” If you are doing your mortal best to follow the two Greatest Commandments (which by default- includes taking on Jesus Christ’s attributes and excludes immediately condemning someone to a lower level than yourself simply because they don’t share your beliefs) then everything else falls into place. You cannot abuse, murder, steal, cheat, lie, betray, hurt someone, etc. if you truly love them the way God does, and as much as you love yourself. Love is the key! Love is how you get to dwell with God again in the next life. It’s as simple (and difficult) as that! A couple more scriptures that strike a chord with me, because of my LDS upbringing, are in 1 Corinthians 3:16(NIV) 16 “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?” And in Matthew 24:23-26 (NIV) “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There He is!’ do not believe it. For false Christ’s and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect-if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time. So if anyone tells you, ‘There He is, out in the desert,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here He is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it.” My point is – a temple is a beautiful, quiet place to pray and meditate, tune out the world and tune into God. Just like a library is a great place to study and read books. But a temple is not the place to form a lasting, spiritual union with a spouse. That union comes within. Because thanks to The Atonement – The Holy Spirit dwells within. His Spirit goes where I go. To say otherwise undermines the Christ’s entire mission, the Pentecost, and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And – according to the Bible when Christ comes again, He won’t appear to just one or two men (who change their stories a number of times over the course of years later and could possibly be motivated by money, sex, and power). The Bible warns us of false prophets. And it promises that we will ALL be witness to Christ’s coming together at the same time. All of humankind will come to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ from Christ himself! Isn’t that wonderful? What a relief! ❤

  10. “I don’t care if he raped little girls and his follower’s wives, Warren Jeffs was a prophet!!!” Sounds exactly like what the Fundamentalists would say about the Prophet of the real (Fundamentalist) LDS Church, as he rots in jail for the rest of his life on multiple child rape convictions.
    To me, not caring about sexual predators, is what enables so much sexual abuse in the LDS church, just like their Fundy Cousins to the South.

  11. Thank you for writing this! Evidences of the Prophet’s divine calling abound, and the fruits of living the restored gospel of Jesus Christ are among the most notable of these. I too have received a spiritual witness of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith’s calling as a prophet of God, and I cannot deny the divine origin of this knowledge. God is a God of truth and cannot lie, so I feel secure in this knowledge. It has brought indescribable peace and joy to my family and me, and just like you, Kayla, we will not forsake it!

  12. In 1844 Joseph Smith said “What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one. I am the same man, and as innocent as I was fourteen years ago; and I can prove them all perjurers.” Joseph died in 1844 and had been practicing polygamy for 12 years prior.

    Please refer to one of the Church’s essays on polygamy topic here:

    You said that you learned “Joseph Smith had multiple wives near the end of his life” and left it at that. I now the point of your post is that you have faith rather than choose to look at all of the facts about Joseph’s and the church’s history, but facts are important here. Details matter when we’re talking about the founder of the religion and the single most important individual in the raising of this new church.

    Jospeh Smith’s first plural marriage was to a young girl named Fanny Alger and it happened in 1833, when Joseph was 27 years old. He died at the age of 39. Sure, you could argue that Joseph started marrying other women “near the end of his life” since technically he was 69% done with his short life at the age of 27, but it’s worth noting he practiced polygamy for 12 years.

    Joseph’s wife, Emma, did not know about his first plural marriages. Although the public revelation on polygamy was written down in 1843, he began practicing in 1833. Some people close to Joseph say he began talking about plural marriage in 1831, but that group did not include his own wife, nor the entire church.

    Joseph Smith was married to at least 34 women.

    Did you know that 11 of those women were married to other living men when they married Joseph Smith?

    D&C 132:63 says that the purpose of polygamy is to “multiply and replenish the earth” and “bear the souls of men.” Why, then, would Joseph marry women who were already married? Why marry women who still had living husbands?

    D&C132:61 says women who enter into polygamy should be virgins, but these other married women obviously violate this rule.

    Fanny Alger, according the the Church’s own research, was Joseph’s first wife. Oliver Cowdery called Joseph’s relationship with Fanny a “dirty, nasty, filthy affair.”

    The youngest plural wife was Helen Mar Kimball, who married Joseph at the age of 14.

    A total of 7 girls were teenagers when they entered into polygamy.

    Joseph Smith publicly denied practicing polygamy during the time he had plural wives.

    In 1835 Joseph gave these revelations:

    1835 Doctrine & Covenants 13:7:
    “Thou shalt love thy wife with all thy heart, and shall cleave unto her and none else.”

    1835 Doctrine & Covenants 65:3:
    “Wherefore, it is lawful that he should have one wife, and they twain shall be one flesh, and all this that the earth might answer the end of its creation.”

    Joseph was practicing polygamy by 1835. He secretly had multiple wives yet taught that monogamy was the doctrine of God.

    There is much more to learn about this if you choose to study the sources. Start with the Church’s essays, they link to the research other faithful historians have done.

    You might be able to set aside all of the facts about Joseph’s polygamy that have come to light, facts the church itself has corroborated, and choose to focus on the good. And there is most certainly good to focus on. But I believe the man who is the keystone of the Mormon faith deserves our utmost scrutiny before pledging your allegiance to his legacy.

  13. Here is the problem, I had to deal with a sexual predator when I was on the bishopric of my ward. He was a vile man and eventually excommunicated and told to never come back or the police would be called.

    He did a sliver of what Joseph got up too, if Joseph was around today and tried to do what he did around 1830 he would be excommunicated so quickly his feet wouldnt touch the ground when thrown out of the church. The police would be called and he would be arrested for multiple sexual offences. Exactly where his disciple Warren Jeffs ended up.

    1. And there was NEVER a commandment from God to share other mens wives and make babies with them, like JS and BY did. Thats a lie told frequently by Mormons. That would have made God a liar.

      1. Considering that you have no proof that this happened, it doesn’t really matter.
        No one, to my knowledge, has ever made this claim. You are simply twisting what has been said without proof.

      2. Here’s all the proof I needed to conclude that both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young had sex with other men’s wives. records of Zina Jacobs (3) Marriages.

        #1 spouse: Henry Bailey Jacobs (AFN: 2S9X-263 ) marriage: 7 MAR 1841 Nauvoo, Illinois

        Without ever obtaining a divorce, 7 mo after she married her only REAL Husband, Henry, 6 months pregnant with their 1st child, she ‘pretend married’ Joseph,

        Joseph Smith Jr.-Prophet (AFN: 2S10-XTS ) marriage: 27 OCT 1841 Nauvoo, Illinois

        Once Joseph died,
        Brigham Young added poor Henry’s wife Zina to his rapidly growing Harem, after sending Henry off on a mission to England,

        Brigham had a child, Zina Presendia Young, with Henry’s wife, Zina,

        While Henry was off serving a mission in England.

        Her REAL husband, Henry, never divorced her.
        She was the love of his life. He was the love of her life, according to Todd Compton, but Joseph Smith wanted her for his plural wife. He got his way eventually, when Zina was 6 months pregnant with Henry’s child. Joseph sent Henry on a mission while both Joseph Smith claimed Henry’s wife, Zina, as his own, polyandrous wife. To add insult to injury, once Joseph died, Brigham Young claimed Henry’s wife and even fathered a child with her, after sending Henry on a mission in England.

        The fact we have no evidence of children sired by Joseph with other men’s wives, doesn’t make claiming them as his ‘wives’ acceptable, especially since there is no law, and never has been a law ever written that would allow a man to claim another man’s wife as his own in all of Judeo Christian scripture, including Mormon Scripture.
        Every law ever written in Judeo Christian scripture regarding marriage, even the Mormon law governing plural marriage, clearly condemns the practice of polyandry as adultery. Sex is not required to violate every law regarding marriage, merely claiming another man’s wife as your own is clearly adultery.
        What makes the Founding Father’s of Mormonism practice of polyandry even more indefensible, Brigham Young Fathered at least one child with another man’s wife, Zina Huntington Jacobs, after sending Henry on a mission to England.
        Nobody needs laws to tell them not to claim other men’s wives as your own.
        Common human decency should be plenty.
        Calling them ‘eternal marriages’ doesn’t make polyandry any more acceptable, since its impossible for a man to actually marry a woman who is legally and lawfully married to a living husband.

        If you think it’s acceptable to sing the praises of these sexual predators, you don’t need religion, you need a conscience and empathy for the victims, like Henry and Zina Jacobs, who’s marriage, family and life was destroyed by a couple of horny prophets who took a fancy to poor Henry’s wife and he had no say in the matter, since Joseph and Brigham were apparently above the law, even their own laws, even God’s law.

  14. One of the great tragedies we see in our lives is that the adversary, through the influences of our “flesh,” can cheat us into establishing images of truth or perceptions of truth. Our brain, the great computer where all the facts of life’s memories are held together, can also be programmed by the “flesh,” with its self-centered ideas to deceive the spiritual self. Without the constant striving through prayer and contemplation to reach the ends of self-awareness and honesty, our so-called intellect can, therefore, based on look-alike truths, play many games of reason, to impress, to get gain, to intimidate, or even to manipulate truth with the vain results of deceit.

    Of such, the Apostle Paul wrote: “For men shall be lovers of their own selves, … proud, blasphemers, … unholy, …

    “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: …

    “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” (2 Tim. 3:2, 5, 7).

    All learning leads to nothing unless it is centered on finding the roots of truth, which cannot be received without first becoming honest. In such striving, we suddenly know how to pray. Paul says, “For we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us” (Rom. 8:26).

    Enlightened by the Spirit of truth, we will then be able to pray for the increased ability to endure truth and not to be made angry by it (see 2 Ne. 28:28). In the depth of such a prayer, we may finally be led to that lonesome place where we suddenly see ourselves naked in all soberness. Gone are all the little lies of self-defense. We see ourselves in our vanities and false hopes for carnal security. We are shocked to see our many deficiencies, our lack of gratitude for the smallest things. We are now at that sacred place that seemingly only a few have courage to enter, because this is that horrible place of unquenchable pain in fire and burning. This is that place where true repentance is born. This is that place where the conversion and the rebirth of the soul are happening. This is the place where the prophets were before they were called to serve. This is the place where converts find themselves before they can have the desire to be baptized for the remission of their sins. This is the place where sanctifications and rededications and renewal of covenants are happening. This is the place where suddenly the atonement of Christ is understood and embraced. This is the place where suddenly, when commitments have solemnly been established, the soul begins to “sing the song of redeeming love” and indestructible faith in Christ is born (Alma 5:26). This is the place where we suddenly see the heavens open as we feel the full impact of the love of our Heavenly Father, which fills us with indescribable joy. With this fulfillment of love in our hearts, we will never be happy anymore just by being ourselves or living our own lives. We will not be satisfied until we have surrendered our lives into the arms of the loving Christ, and until He has become the doer of all our deeds and He has become the speaker of all our words. As He has said,

    “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing” (John 15:5).

    Let us, therefore, listen, my dear brothers and sisters, to the voice of warning. And let us embrace the Spirit of truth that we may stand blameless through the atonement of our Lord. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

    Truth is the Issue
    Enzio Busche
    October 1993

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Using emotion and intellect Joseph deceived people into participating in major sin that could effect their eternal salvation. Much like what a mission president did several years ago when he convinced 11 of 12 sisters that God and Jesus had called him to reinstate polygamy. Luckily one sister didn’t lose her verture by using her brain and told him to you know
      what even though he was her priesthood leader. There were a few woman that told JS to jump in a lake one being William Laws wife Nancy, yes a councilor in the First Presidrncy William Law. Isn’t church history so interesting.

  15. He is really a prophet.All the things given by God through Him are true.Joseph Smith is my hero.

  16. A lot of these comments are verbatim what I said to defend the prophet just a couple years ago. Now I’m deeply embarrassed by the things I excused or justified. He didn’t just marry multiple women. The details are so, so much worse than that.

  17. As a very proud EXmormon, how do you justify the inconsistencies in all the books you read for the church? Some story like a translation error? But wouldn’t a real god never let that happen? To ensure their story came across?

    But your little happy life is no more real than hogwarts or narnia. I’m truly sorry that the conman, Joseph Smith, and a business, the lds church, have convinced you of a lie and conned you into paying 10% to be “worthy” over a century after his death.

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