Valentine’s Give-Away! *Enter now!*

Every year I have at least one give-away for my Lemmony readers and friends! But I have to admit that this one takes the cake and I’m SUPER excited about it.

Several months back I was asked to write about my favorite or most cherished temple experience (that I felt comfortable sharing) and include which temple meant the most to me. I’m honored to have been chosen to write for this book compiled and photographed by the amazing Scott Jarvie. It’s now a published work that is showcasing the temples that scatter the United States, giving readers a glimpse inside these beautiful walls through diverse stories, experiences, and testimonies.


Because I love this book so much and Scott’s photographs are nothing short of stunning, I want to give a free copy ($60 value) to one of YOU as well as showcase YOUR favorite temple memory here on my blog. What better day to give away this book then Valentine’s Day, where we celebrate love and all those cozy feelings? 😉

All you have to do is submit your favorite temple memory to me in essay form, poem, song, *you name it*–and I’ll choose my very favorite, feature it on my blog, and send you your signed copy of “American Temples” by Scott Jarvie.

Submit your temple memory now to by February 12th.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading through all of the amazing testimonies.

The temple has changed my life. And I want to hear how it’s changed yours too.

One thought on “Valentine’s Give-Away! *Enter now!*

  1. Kayla is right this book is stunning, I was ever so privileged to receive one by my son in law as a Christmas gift, and what a gift to read such a beautiful article by my daughter Kayla:) I cant think of another way to share a wonderful gift as this book and also all the wonderful testimonies inside:) Good luck to everyone! PS if I was to share my most memorable time in the temple it would have to be able to witness my daughter Kayla and husband matt being sealed to one another on their special day:)

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