Bryce Harper posing nude for ESPN is NOT a billboard for Christ

What do you guys think about this topic?? I’ve seen various viewpoints on the subject and think it’s good to get the conversation rolling.


Latter-day Saint professional athlete Bryce Harper, 22, is an all-star baseball player for the Washington Nationals.  Along with Jimmer Fredette and Jabari Parker, he has been one of the Mormon role models to capture the heart of America with their spark and religious convictions.


Sadly, Bryce Harper chose to be involved in ESPN’s Body Issue in which famous athletes pose nude, showing off their sculpted Roman-like physiques.  I thought about this before writing, but I came to a simple conclusion.

If you’re going to be a role model for Christ and His church you better not defile it.

He wasn’t always like this, though. In 2013 Deseret News highlighted the Bryce Harper I looked up to: “Bryce Harper: MLB slugger has high standards on and off the field”

Baseball player Bryce Harper smiles during a news conference where the Washington Nationals introduced him as their first overall selection in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft, at Nationals Park in Washington Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010. Harper  agreed to a $9.9 million, five-year deal with the baseball club last week. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Here are a couple quotes from the Deseret News article showing how Harper felt 2 years ago:

“I feel I can be a walking Book of Mormon and help people…

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4 thoughts on “Bryce Harper posing nude for ESPN is NOT a billboard for Christ

  1. He’s young. He will do things that people will question. It’s a part of growing up and learning. I don’t have any malice towards him. I like him. I think it’s time to practice all that kindness you blogged about last week.

  2. Some people will say it shows confidence. I disagree. I think it’s not a sign of self-respect or self confidence at all on his part. It’s a sign of not valuing what he is as a person or an athlete, and instead seeking admiration for his nude body.

    Men or women baring it all for anyone to see makes me sad. We wouldn’t wear our prom dress or wedding gown to the grocery store. We don’t hang precious works of art in malls. Things that are extra special are protected and saved for special moments, special experiences. I feel the same about people doing things like this. Our bodies are so incredibly precious…it’s sad when they become public property for all to see.

    BTW, I have no problem with art featuring the human form….but nude photos to me aren’t in the same category as sculpture or painting. Just my opinion.

  3. I think flattery is appealing and fame is appealing. I cannot possibly know what I would do in his situation. We all have great intentions but when we are hit with temptation we sometimes act differently than we ever dreamed we would. It can happen to anyone. Stay by the tree! (reference Lehi’s Tree of Life)

  4. Shame was taught by Satan. The nude body was presented to the earth by God. It was Satan who said, ‘look, you’re naked and that’s bad’. Satan has been telling us what to wear, what we should put on, and shaming us if we don’t fit the current popular trend. The nude body is a temple. The skin is the clothing. Take the skin off, and it would be a little bit alarming to see the body fully exposed. The body is a temple. How we view the naked body and our reactions to nudity either line up with Satan’s view —- or with God’s view. I choose to view the body as God does…. ‘and they were naked, and not ashamed.’

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