Sorry, but Kim Davis does NOT represent my Christianity

“Eye of the Tiger” was my high school’s theme song. At every football game, every pep rally, every assembly–that darn song played. It’s a good song, don’t get me wrong, but after half a million times of hearing it and cheering to it it’s just as easy to quote and re-sing as the birthday song to me. The hardcore champion song has it’s place–like in high school gyms or the start of the Super bowl.

“It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight. Risin’ up to the challenge of our rivals.”

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That’s the song that Kim Davis walked out to at a support rally in Kentucky today.

Click here for video of the rally

Crazy enough, it wasn’t a boxing match or the end of a Friday night game. It was because she openly and knowingly broke the laws of the land and said she did it in the name of the Lord. And everyone applauded and some cried out for her to run for president and others spouted off hate-filled cracks toward gays. And in my opinion this is exactly what it looks like–boloney.

If you haven’t heard of Kim Davis, she was a county clerk in Kentucky who denied a same-sex couple their right to a marriage license, even after she was asked several times. You can watch the video here. After spending some time behind bars, she is now being heralded as a hero for Christ–a saint who stood up to the “rivals”. And that just twists my stomach into a million knots.

I share Kim Davis’ faith in God. I share many of her opinions, most likely. But where we differ is in how we stand for it.

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First of all, as Christians, “Risin’ up to the challenge of our rivals” doesn’t mean rising up against our fellow brothers and sisters in unkindness, disobeying the laws of the land, or making a spectacle of yourself in a crowd of uplifted crosses, homophobes, and cheering Sadducees. It doesn’t mean forcing your beliefs on others and crucifying them when they prove to be different. That doesn’t make you a winner for Christ. That makes you a symbol of all the things that are wrong in some parts of the Christian culture. It makes you the reason so many people turn away from all the good that we do in our churches and all the people who are truly loving and faithful followers of Christ. It makes you a laughing stock who did nothing more than make a same-sex couple feel judged and hurt and who is the reason that thousands of people clicking play on computer screens all over the world are shaking their heads and changing their minds about religion.

After watching the video of this rally where Kim raises her hands to Heaven as a mismatched, awkward backdrop of “They stack the odds, still we take to the street, for the kill with the skill to survive” plays in the background, I felt extremely prompted to apologize on behalf of those, who like me, feel sickened by this display.

“His people have rallied–and you are a strong people!” she yelled into a loud crowd at the rally. But what are we rallying for? To go against laws at our place of employment? To ostracize those who think differently? To mask yourself as a martyr for a cause?


Those who love God love their brothers and sisters too.  They don’t gain attention as modern-day crusaders. This isn’t love–and this certainly doesn’t reflect a perfect Creator.

I understand the need and desire to stand up for what you believe in.

In a world that preaches so much of what is wrong, we’re called to be the light that fills up those dark corners. We’re called to be examples. But Kim Davis worked as a COUNTY CLERK. Her main job, alongside other tasks, is to sign marriage licenses. She didn’t have the right to deny the right that is now lawfully given to same-sex couples. If she doesn’t feel comfortable doing that, fine. Then change your day job. I can’t imagine the horror I would have if a homosexual clerk denied me the right to marry my husband. Opinions ASIDE. Standing up for what is right is a lot less extravagant than what some people tend to think nowadays. So many people feel the need to flash their banners and wave their flags and stand on the pedestals of “Thank God there is someone like me”. That’s where we’ve got it SO wrong.

All the while, far from the chaos and the Pharisees of our generation, Christ is standing amongst the widows and the prostitutes and the sinners and the neglected and the addicts and he’s comforting and loving and ministering to those who stand in food stamp lines and cancer wards and mental health facilities and in the lonely homes of those who wrestle with demons. He’s holding the depressed and he’s forgiving the teenage runaway and he’s helping and talking with the Christians who defend him by being kind and generous and bold in how they LOVE and use their hands for good.


We live in a day where men’s hearts will fail them. When we hear that scripture I think that so many of us think of those who are unbelievers. But I feel that if we aren’t careful and honest in our beliefs, we can be the ones to fail. We can be the ones to grow hard and calloused to those around us who are different or part of different cultures. And I don’t want to see that happen. The beliefs that Kim holds dear can be used for good. What if she talked to those young men as she wrote out their marriage license that day, asking them about their lives, laughing with them a bit, leaving them a little happier–a little better–than the way she found them? Isn’t that more of the world we want to create?

As I have loved you, Christ said so earnestly during his earthly ministry, love one another.

Think of your darkest moment–He loved you through that. Our job is to pass it on. Nothing more–nothing less.

Kim Davis does not represent Christianity by her recent actions. But Christ does.

That is the only way in this world. There is no Eye of the Tiger playing to the beat of hate. And we aren’t called to rise up against those we want on our side.

Let us be better.

251 thoughts on “Sorry, but Kim Davis does NOT represent my Christianity

    1. When government passes a law, if it is a law that does not contradict God’s law, we as Christians because we love God and neighbor will obey it. If it is a law that contradicts God’s law we are obliged to disobey it. It might even be sinful to obey a law that contradicts God’s law. Same sex marriage contradicts God’s law, if someone knows something to be contrary to God’s law and willfully helps another to do it, that is sinful. When you love someone, you “will there good”, you tell them the truth, if there actions are sinful, if you love them, you will find a way to let them know, so that they can, with the help of Jesus, rid themselves of the sinful actions so to be reconciled with the infinitely good and all loving God our Father.

      1. Whatever happened to the premise of separation between church and state?????? This woman had no business letting HER personal beliefs
        interfere with HER DUTIES that she was getting paid for by the public.
        She was WRONG…..Whatever happened to ” live and let live”?

      2. So no Christian clerk or judge should ever sign a divorce decree either right? Because that too is against Gods law. And a store clerk who is a Christian should never accept payment for an article of clothing that is of mixed blend fabric. A waitress should refuse to serve a customer dessert if they are obese and committing one of the seven deadliest sins of gluttony…all of these are as you say Gods Law…cherry picking which sins you condemn is called judgement and he asked you not to judge. It’s also known as discrimination and you are doing it in the name of the Lord. I believe his question to you someday will be why you felt the need to pass judgement on some sinners but not others, including yourself and why you forget to love all his children without judgement.

      3. You are wrong David Shell. When it comes to human rights, God (aka love), always wins. Stop being so judgmental and love others as Christ commanded. Someone else’s walk with God is theirs and theirs alone. It’s not yours. Mind your own and follow the teachings of Christ.

    2. At what point do you stop allowing sin to rule the day? Oh, sorry it’s not convenient for me to say no to sin; so not today!
      Well Kim Davis’ day came on the day she said NO! to putting her name on a marriage certificate which would have been against her ethical or moral beliefs.
      It was also against the law in the land of Bluegrass and Churchill Downs; For Kim Davis to morally and ethically approve a license for a same-sex couple she would have been breaking the LAW of the land where she physically lives. And as of yet, that law is still on the books in Kentucky. Not matter what SCOTUS thinks. THEY are not the SUPREME LAW of the Land.
      On which Constitution does SCOTUS deem that it is unconstitutional for there to be a ban on same-sex marriage? It can’t be the US Constitution, because there is not a law in the US Constitution that defines what (marriage) is. If there is, than hey I could marry my pet monkey if I am so inclined to because there isn’t a law to forbid it!!!

      You say, well it was her job…Her job that she was elected to was to obey the Constitution of the State of Kentucky…It was the people of Kentucky that elected her to that office. Unlike SCOTUS, which are appointed. She was elected, so she was doing her due diligence by not breaking the constitution for which she was elected to uphold! In fact 75% of the people elected her for that job. Now if SCOTUS is going to overturn the will of the people every time SCOTUS doesn’t like something than heck do away with the voting rights of the people since you’re not going to listen to them anyway and let’s let SCOTUS rule the nation!!!

      1. And how is it that everyone keeps overlooking the fact that when she was elected Jan 2015 she was completely willing to dutifully fulfill her job only to have those duties suddenly change June 2015, duties that happen to go against her beliefs.

      2. How about the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and it’s “equal protection under the law” clause pretty sure that is part of the U.S. Constitution, what about the 9th Amendment, “the enumeration of certain rights is not to be construed as an exclusion of other rights.” Pretty sure the ruling is perfectly within the constitution.

  1. What this article does is say “I am a Christian, But I am a better Christian, because I love better than Kim Davis does.” Then you go on to say that we should obey all the laws in place. At what point-do we stop obeying the laws? Think back to Daniel in Babylon. He didn’t want to eat the Kings food because it defiled his conscience. Then he wasn’t allowed to pray-but he refused to obey. Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego would not bow to an idol. (Where was the rest of Israel? On their knees bowing to an idol, and most likely before this they had already decided to dump their Kosher diets.) Romans 14 talks about other Christians and their conscience. Who are you to criticize another man’s servant? Kim Dais fasted and prayed prior to this. She sought the Lord on what to do and how to handle it. Did you do that before you decided to write this article? If a person can check their faith at the door of their employer like they would baggage, their faith is meaningless. It should dictate everything you do, every day. How I dress, what I drink, what I say, what I watch on TV, etc. I work as unto the Lord and not unto man. It is the Lord I am trying to please. If your conscience is as such that it would allow you to keep issuing licenses -that is between you and God. (But don’t come down on Kim because she acted on hers.)

      1. I disagree with this article. Yes, we are to obey the law of the land UNLESS it goes against God’s law. We can judge others as long as its a righteous judgement and done without sin. If Kim Davis had signed the license, then she too is committing a sin in the eyes of our God. I keep hearing from people that Mrs. Davis had committed adultery and has been married several times. Does anyone know if this was done before or after she became a Christian. Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, then all our sins are put far away from us, as the East is from the West. Kim Davis had a right and still does have the right to refuse marriage license’ to homosexuals. The ruling from the Supreme Court is just that…a ruling. It is not a law. The 10th Amendment protects the states from Supreme Courts so called laws that was not passed by Congress. Supreme Court over stepped their boundaries when they passed this ruling for every state to adhere to. Kim Davis went by the Kentucky State law (defining marriage as) and by the Constitution. She broke no laws. Kim Davis cannot help either for other peoples comments.
        I will say this, Jesus did not come the first time to judge. He came to deliver the message. The second time Jesus comes, it will be to judge the world for their sin. Then what will people say?

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I was thinking while I read this, Jesus told sinners to go and sin no more. If we are called to be like Christ then how can he just sit idle on the sidelines and just go with what the world says is okay. Jesus says to be in the world but not of it.

      1. Go and sin no more…yes but she could do that only after hearing the words neither do i condemn you. No condemnation allowed her to be free. Not sure refusing a marriage license was non condemning…but then i don’t want to condemn either so ill leave it alone. So sorry Christ-followers seem to want to be right rather than loving. Maybe even my words seem non loving if so I’m sorry. So how do we speak or act with condemning others while holding to our beliefs. As I heard recently relationships will always trump dogma.

      1. You nailed it sister. The moment someone says “that’s not MY Christianity”, my thought is “You’re right, it’s Christ’s, and you are either with him, or against him. Christianity isn’t what you feel it should be. It’s what God said it is…period.

    2. Maybe she should have been praying and fasting about her three failed marriages instead of pretending she’s someone who should pass judgment.

      1. You of course, can pass judgment on her…ever wonder why the “woman” was the only one taken to Christ? Last I checked, it takes two to be taken in the very act of adultery!!! Where was the man?
        But I digress…
        Kim’s First Amendment rights were infringed on, and not just because of her religion alone!
        Here is the 1st Amendment:
        1ST AMENDMENT:
        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        Now notice the last line of the amendment!

        “…and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

        Kim Davis “petitioned the government for a redress of grievances…”

        Just like all same-sex couples petitioned the government for a redress of their grievances…Unfortunately, in Kim’s case the government declined to hear her grievance….Thus a clear violation of her first Amendment right for freedom of religion.
        The court would not allow time for the policy to change so in it’s rush to judgment, the violation occurred. SUE SCOTUS, and sue anyone that allowed this to happen to her.
        When she wins, she won’t have to work for anyone anymore and the liberals can pay for someone to do her job instead of letting the people vote on who they want to do the job!!!

    3. Acting on your conscience to dictate your actions is one thing. Forcing others to act on the dictates of your conscience is the opposite. Kim Davis ordered subordinates to violate a legal court order too, and refused service to qualified applicants. There’s no legal justification for forcing your religion on others. If there’s a Biblical justification for it, that’s completely irrelevant. She violated oaths she took to serve the public, refused the accommodations offered to have others provide the licenses, and is still taking taxpayer money for a job she refuses (in part) to do.

      This is not heroism, and it’s dishonorable behavior in every sense of the word. But she’s going to lose at every turn, and in due time her name will be a question for trivia contests, so I can be patient even if she is getting on Judge Bunning’s last nerve.

      1. Isn’t “forcing others…” what the couple from San Francisco did by traveling to Kentucky to force Davis to issue them a license?

      2. I’m sorry that you’ve fallen victim to a conspiracy theory, Dave. All four plaintiffs in Miller v Davis are residents of Rowan County. Here is a link to a copy of the original complaint:

        Click to access viewer

        Now, don’t you wonder why someone would make up something like that?

    4. Thank you Michelle Light for putting into words just what I was thinking. Feel good religion is not my kind of Christianity. Jesus died for and loved every single human past, present, and future yet not once did he condone their sin and make them feel good about it. He would have never left them to die in their sin believing that it was okay and have no need of repentance. His holiness allows us to see our unholiness and great need of a Savior. That is what happens when the we let Jesus live and work in us. We do not condemn nor convict. Satan condemns and brings shame but the Holy Spirit convicts and leads to salvation and repentance.

    5. Amen Michelle. My sentiments exactly. Also she puts one…one scripture verse on this blog post…we are to look at scripture in its entirety. My question too is what about the thousands of Christians in foreign countries where it is illegal to preach the gospel continue to preach yet are being beheaded, jailed and tortured. I guess, according to lemmonythings, they should not be speaking out but rather shut their mouths and utter nothing but love. It’s amusing to me she calls us Pharisees and Sadducees. Since when did obeying a government trump obeying God? I guess Franklin graham,who stands with Kim Davis, David Wilkerson, and countless other heroes in the faith who adamantly oppose gay marriage and speak out about it but in love yet will NOT compromise Gods word are homophobes, too. This Luke warm rhetoric is exactly what Jesus talked about. Either be hot or cold…if you’re lukewarm he will spit you out of his mouth

    6. I disagree with you ! When Mrs. Davis took her office she should have considered how her relationship and feelings with God would affect her PAID position. If she could not fulfill her obligations to tax paying citizens that applied ( she turned down all Certifates not only same sex when the heat was on) she was not performing her JOB. She should have stepped aside and let someone else perform the job since she was incapable. This is not a private institution. This is a Government Position. There is separation of church and state for a reason. The article was not saying he was a better Christian he was reminding us that we all could be better Christians. Honestly , if you as a man marrying a woman was denied a certificate by a gay man or Woman because it was against their beliefs and they fasted and went to church ( beleive it or not some are Christian people too ) do you think this would be the same outcome? Do you think the person would be coming out of Jail where they belong for not doing their job to eye of the tiger or any fight song ? No there would be massive protests and you know it. So this is not about who is the better Christains. You missed the point. It goes back to loving thy neighbor. Which she held herself higher. Your all about picking and choosing scripture to quote but you never quoted the scriptures about divorce and how that looks in the eyes of the Lord and how in most circumstances unless your ex spouse dies or other particular circumstance you are considered an adulter she has been married 4 times and pregnant prior to divorces being final highly unlikely they all have passed away . Not judging stating facts. So in many eyes she doesn’t have a high regard for marriage in many people’s eyes , Just a high racist regard for people who have a right to get married and she didn’t feel it necessary to follow the law. She didn’t follow the law of the land. In the end God is the one who holds us all accountable. She is no hero by far just a hippacrit. If you take a government job you follow the laws or you step aside and go work for your church where your beliefs are better understood and appreciated or you start a ministry that is not affiliated at your Government employment office. Just because it’s your Beleif you do not have to discrimate against others. Jesus on Earth as you know surrounded himself with the outcasts and accepted them as they were and they followed him. Mrs. Davis is /alienating people as the article stated. Re read you might catch onto a new view.

      1. You got that backward…you said, “There is separation of church and state for a reason.”
        It is separation of church from the state….But, go ahead; your president just said in a speech in Cairo, Egypt that America(A COUNTRY) and Islam(A RELIGION) go hand in hand…Sounds like an endorsement for A PREFERRED RELIGION TO ME!!!

      2. In her defense, let’s not forget that she was elected to her position as clerk in Jan of 2015, with every intention of fulfilling all her duties as a hardworking American official. Then suddenly in June of 2015 everything changes. Let’s not forget the main reason she is serving in this capacity – most likely to pay her bills and provide for her family. Now suddenly she’s forced, literally FORCED, to choose. Walk away from my job or stand up for what I believe in.

    7. I was an evangelical Christian but now am an atheist. If I am wrong one day I will have to stand in front of god an explain why people like you lead me to reject Christianity. You will have to have to stand in front of him explain why you used God’s name to spread hate and discord. Go and read the gospels again, read other account of Jesus as a person then tell me he wants you to spend you time preaching hate. He spends a lot of time riling against hypocrites and dishonest people no mentions of gays anywhere. that is strange when you bare in mind it would have been very common in a Greco/Roman society.

    8. Her faith should have dictated her to find another job, not break the law. She is not a hero, she is a criminal. She used her faith as an excuse to not perform one of the single most important responsibilities that her job requires.

    9. Right, and this is why Christian judges have been standing up for what is right by denying married couples the ability to divorce (in accordance with Matthew 19).

      Oh wait. They haven’t?

      1. One did in Chattanooga, TN just last week lol; he stated if SCOTUS is going to define what marriage is; than they can very well define what marriage is not!!! And he denied the couples the right to divorce!!!

      2. Word, Ben.

        If Kim cannot carry out her job in good conscience, then she should get a different job. That’s ALL there is too it.

    10. I response to Michelle, you put thought into your answer, and I respect that. Though, this is a matter of aples to oranges. Before Daniel refused, he talked to hissuperiors to find a solution and afterwards stated that he would respect the rules he was told. He did not refuse to do the job he was ordered to do. He was still willing to do what was required of him. Joseph didn’t refuse to help in the jail because he refused to help those that have broken the law. Sharach, Meshack, and Abednego were actually their slave names given to then by the Pagan king, yet they did not rebel despite that being against their religion. They refused, not their job, but a religion of worshiping. They were still willing to do the job they were hired yet working in a nation not their own with values very umsimilar to their own. Jesus himself stated in regards to taxes, render unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s. Paul wrote, “To the Gentiles, as a Gentile…that I might win some.” Jesus spent time with sinners and politicians and not the religious leaders because he wanted to reach those searching for answers. How is showing anger, defiance of statues, and refuseal to do the job one is hired to do honoring God? Did she also refuse her paycheck? Would not a tasteful resignation not honor God more by explaining that in good conscience you cannot do what you are being required to do. If my job is changed to do what is wrong, I am going to find one that fits what I am comfortable with. Maybe this change in policy was a door in which God was moving her in a different direction. And, she dug her feet in because she was too comfortable. It has been my perspective that things, changing rules, and busyness has never brought happiness. We spend too much time with crap instead of working to right our lives. The world turns to Jesus because they see that His way makes more sense and is fulfilling. We are the light, but if we are the ones breaking the rules and and not demonstrating the LOVE of Christ, what kind of a light are we shining? Jesus came not into the world to condemn the world, but through Him it might be saved.

      1. In earlier response, sorry for the poor punctuation and spelling errors. I replied to that on my phone. On another note. The Puritans and Separatists didn’t over through the British government, but the sought to obtain freedom through the appropriate channels until they were given colonies in the New World.

      2. Exactly. I’m a medical assistant, and if I got a job at a clinic that decided to start doing abortions (which I am against), I would seek employment elsewhere. I would not start turning women away at the desk. I don’t like abortion, its against God’s will, but it’s legal in the secular world, so I must sacrifice for my morals…which I am happy to do.

    11. Wonderful Michelle! We make our own salvation with fear and trembling. If Kim Davis was convicted by the Holy Spirit by this at her workplace then I applaud the fact that she obeyed, but I pray it wasn’t done for notoriety. The sad truth is most of us (Religious and Christians) have a shipwrecked faith that’s tossed to and fro in an ocean of doubt. Jesus loves all, but the sin we think is acceptance of a person’s personal choice, and all the other sinful laws that these dark forces are setting in place is what will separate us from Him on The Great White Throne judgment day!

    12. Comparing her to Daniel is wrong. Daniel was thrown in Jail because he chose to pray when he was told not to. He was actively told to stop doing something he was commanded by God to do. Kim was refusing to do something that the Law and her position required her to do and she chose not to. Daniel could not simply stop without consequence. Kim had every right to stop doing her job with no consequence. What the article said and what people refuse to accept is that she had a choice. At any point she could have resigned her position. There was no one forcing her as Daniel was to stay in her position. She made herself into a “martyr”, no one did it too her. Yes when she was elected she was not required to oversee these types of marriages, but she should have seen it coming. The thing that gets me is that she was elected to not only oversee marriages, but also divorces. She had no problem signing her name to divorces, something the Bible explicitly forbids (except in certain circumstances). She also had no problem issuing licenses to individuals who had previously been married, something the bible terms adultery (except in a few cases). So although I get her desire to stand for what she believes, she does not get to pick among her beliefs. If she truly believed that the Bible and it’s views on marriage important then she should never have taken the job in the first place.

    13. Im sorry, but i am not a believer and i am fine with that. Christians say they are all almighty and do gods will. But i knew some christians and they cheated on their spouses. Kim Davis has been married 4times.why? Unless she was abused why tge divorces? ,not perfect. Just because you have religion doesnt mean your perfect. And that is how christians think. If everyone followed their religion and beliefs we would have a mess of a world. Do you people forget about the islams and their beliefs?

  2. I’m seeing a lot of comments about the love of Jesus, Jesus eating with sinners, etc. And while it is very true that Jesus loved, that He IS love, there is another, equally important attribute of Jesus that is often overlooked, and that is His holiness. The same Jesus that ate with sinners also made a scourge of cords and drove the money-changers out of the temple. That story is not often told in posts such as these because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Yes, Jesus is absolutely loving and merciful, but He is also holy. Look at the woman caught in adultery. He could have quite easily condemned her to death. After all, that was the law at the time. But He didn’t. He rescued her from a certain death. But then He told her, “Go and sin no more.” He didn’t enable her, nor did He tell her that it was okay to continue in that sinful lifestyle. He showed mercy, but also demanded repentance.

    As for those saying that we should never go against the law, may I ask what you do with the accounts of Paul and Peter in Acts? How many times were they commanded not to teach about Jesus? What was Peter’s response? “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. (Acts 5:29).” Peter even walked out of jail! If the internet had been around in those days, I’m sure there would have been plenty of people taking to their blogs and Facebook, condemning Peter’s actions, telling him to go back to jail and quit preaching about Jesus already. After all, it’s the law of the land, and we can’t do anything about it. I’m not saying that the Kim Davis situation necessarily compares to Peter and Paul. What I am saying is that when the law of the day commands us to go against God’s Word, Peter’s decree still stands. When God’s law and man’s law are in direct contradiction to each other, we’re going to have to choose which one to obey, and we will have to be prepared to face the consequences of whichever choice we make.

    1. Those people he drove out were considered leaders of the temple, and they were making up their own rules as they went along…not following God’s commands, all to benefit themselves. I don think the author is the one missiing the point here. Regardless my personal thoughts on marriage, it seems to me that in this modern day story, Kim Davis represents those self-gratifying marketers/temple leaders who Jesus drove from the temple for misrepresenting His Father’s word! In my book, she’s no more a hero than they were.

      1. Unless I am woefully mistaken (which I acknowledge is quite possible, as I have not followed the story as closely as others), Kim Davis wasn’t the one drawing attention to herself here. That was done by the couple who brought the media into the situation. I can’t speak to her intentions, but the money changers were using God’s house to bring themselves personal gain, which doesn’t seem to me to be the intention here. All that aside, however, my point was not to compare those situations, but to bring attention to another attribute of Jesus that people often forget about. His holiness and righteousness indignation when the situation called for it were as much a part of Him as His love. Yes, Christ is loving, longsuffering, and merciful, for which I am eternally thankful. But that doesn’t mean that we can overlook His laws. Regardless of your personal opinion of Kim Davis, she was apparently doing her best to follow God’s law, and I can’t imagine that it was easy for her.

    2. Your comment is spot on. This article is exactly why the church is in the state we are in at this very moment. Christians are so divided because of this very article. Who are you to judge her heart? You don’t have a right. Shame on you and honestly we are living in days where Christians are being persecuted more and more and I can’t help but think based on your article that you would not be able to take a stand. No God’s truth never changes nor does HE. People don’t want to hear the truth. Why don’t you do a little research and all of the people who are breaking the “law of the land” yet our government is giving them a pass. The difference here is that the Christian didn’t have a right to stand up for her belief’s. Technically she works for the state of Kentucky and their law has not changed. The supreme court made an illegal decision that is a state matter not federal. Many people in Colorado are illegally smoking pot because the state there has deemed something legal that the federal government says is illegal. There is a woman dead in San Francisco because the chief of police did not follow the law of the land and decided they would become a sanctuary city and he released an illegal. Millions of people are in this country illegally and they get a pass because our government says they just want better for themselves so they don’t have to obey the law of the land. This list could go on and on and yet you want to call out a Christian. Where is your outcry on the other issues. Maybe you should come down off your self righteous pedestal and hit your knees a little more because now more than ever we Jesus.

  3. So she should have just given in and given them the license? I don’t think so. God does not agree with same-sex marriage. He made marriage to be between 1 man and 1 woman. Period. If she had just given them their license, she would have been agreeing with them which she doesn’t and neither do I. We as Christians need to stand against sin and if it means taking a stand like Kim did, so be it. That was her way of saying it is wrong and she couldn’t in good conscience give them that license. I bake cakes on the side and if a homosexual couple asked me to bake their “wedding” cake, I could not in good conscience do it. I would feel so guilty I couldn’t live with myself because it would be saying I agree with same-sex marriage and saying their sin is ok. Just because the Supreme Court made it legal doesn’t in any way make it right.

      1. Issuing a license as a required job duty, is in no way agreeing with “sin”. That’s ridiculous at best. If I didn’t eat meat for religious reasons, but as a part of my job I issued hunting licenses, should I be able to to deny the applicant??? NO! I would be required to fulfill my job duties or find a new job. This isn’t about religious freedom. It’s about imposing religious beliefs on someone else and in doing so, denying their civil liberties. God is not honored, glorified, or represented by her actions or anyone who uses their beliefs to marginalize and deny rights to a person.

      2. I agree Cassie! America has gone through so many changes resently which are going to test us as Christians, we can’t just abide by the law if it is wrong. We have to do what we feel in our heart and by our conviction what we feel is right. The only thing I don’t agree with is the public display of her celebration of triumph. That is not what God wants out of a meek Christian! Do what is right and move on!

    1. Just because you do something (ESPECIALLY YOUR JOB) does not mean you agree with it, it is just a job… a job does not define you as a person.. she is letting something get in the way of doing her job IE-. Just because one is a stripper does not make her a slut or any less of a good christian than any one else.

    2. FYI: the Supreme Court didn’t make SS legal, but rendered their opinion that the law KY had in place was not. The court doesn’t make laws, that’s the job of the legislators. So many in the masses miss this point.

    3. Cassie your a private business owner. You can do business with whom you like although Holly Hobby case has made that difficult.

      Mrs. Davis is a Government employee she took an oath and she should have not accepted position if she was unable to to do the job. What many do not understand is she not only did not issue to same sex she quit issuing certificates period to any couples !!!! She did not do her job AT All thinking that would prevent discrimination but that is why she was jailed for not doing her job ! Not issuing any !!her beliefs went overboard with a man and a woman !!! Certificates she denied everyone. And that’s not right either!!

      1. Kim, stated…”Mrs. Davis is a Government employee she took an oath and she should have not accepted position if she was unable to to do the job..”

        You seem to forget, that when Kim Davis was “ELECTED” to the job she is currently in…KENTUCKY CITIZENS, by a 75% margin voted to ban same-sex marriage. That law was in place and on the books when Kim Davis was elected as County Clerk for the State of Kentucky.
        So up and until SCOTUS through a clear violation of it’s judicial powers; struck down the law of the Constitution of the State of Kentucky; this is when it became a violation of Kim Davis’ 1st Amendment rights.
        Not only that, SCOTUS’ decision also violated discriminated against Kim’s rights according to the EEOC!!!

    4. Yeah… baking cakes “on the side” is nothing like being a county clerk! If you have your own business, you may run it as a bigot if you choose. If you work for a government agency, you do your job or get out! Signing the document doesn’t mean she agrees with it… if it is that offensive, she needs to work elsewhere.

  4. Somehow with the woman caught in adultery in John 8, Jesus was able to strike a beautiful balance. He called her actions sin, the same response He would have to homosexual behavior today. But He did it in such a way that no one else threw stones. And although the Bible doesn’t tell us, I’m hopeful she walked away from her encounter a changed woman. If only we could find that balance today.

  5. There are a few very important things to consider, even before we start talking about “WWJD”…

    1) Davis is an elected representative of Government.
    2) Elected (or any) Representative of Government, while acting in their official capacity AS Government, cannot discriminate: Because of “Equality Under The Law” and “Equal Protections”.
    3) When we allow a Government or Representative thereof to discriminate for “ANY REASON”, we end up with things like “The IRS Scandal involving Conservative Groups” or “Teaching Islam in Schools while Ignoring (and actively shunning) Christianity.”
    4) Marriage is a Religious Rite. The Government, by its actions, has violated the 1st Amendment by Licensing Marriage.
    5) The Legal side of a Marriage is nothing more than a Civil Contract (which is why Davis (Government) cannot discriminate against any who want to “marry”)
    6) Understanding the difference between what Government IS SUPPOSED TO DO and what Marriage is makes this whole argument clear.
    7) A free people should never have to ask their government for permission for anything like Marriage.
    8) We live in a Republic.
    9) A Republic differs from a Democracy, in that a Republic relies on a “higher law”. In the case of the United States, that “higher law” is written as “Nature’s God’s Law”…
    10) This is also why the United States is NOT a Christian Nation, but a Religious Nation. And, as Thomas Jefferson once said, “The rights of conscience we never submitted, we could not submit. We are answerable for them to our God. The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”
    11) So, while we might be a Religious Nation, we cannot enforce our Religion upon others. We cannot enforce our Morality upon others. But we must respect the “Higher Law”… a law that neither man nor governments ought to break. This is why we must not violate people’s Rights, as they are not granted by Government, but are part of the “Higher Law”.

    Now… lets ask “What Would Jesus Do”?

    Would Jesus issue a marriage license to gays?

    A) Jesus was a Jew.
    B) Jewish law is (was) very clear about Homosexuality.
    C) Jesus preached against “pornia” or “any illicit sexual behavior”.
    D) Jesus’ understanding of “illicit sexual behavior” would be what HE OUTLINED in the Old Testament…
    E) Jesus was also clear about WHOM should get married and WHY.
    F) Paul, in his epistles, echoed Jesus’ teachings about “pornia” and “marriage”… (in the mouth of two witnesses, and all that)

    The question comes down to “Would Jesus violate his own teachings and abide our government’s dictate to issue marriage licenses?”

    I don’t know.
    I’m guessing, first off, that Jesus would not work for Government, and therefore, would not be faced with such a decision as to issue a marriage license, in accordance with the law, but against his religious belief.

    1. You don’t know if Jesus would issue a marriage license to same sex couples?! First of all, Jesus does not endorse sin. Secondly, (WWJD)? Jesus would probably convict them strongly enough that they wouldn’t want Him to marry them. They would walk away with a change of mind and hopefully a change of heart. Of course He would do so with love, but He would not honor sin, which is exactly what this unjust law does. They say ok, we will honor and justify same sex marriage, no matter what God thinks. We choose not to believe God and it will be lawful and therefore just. It’s absurd!!

    2. So legally and Government view is nothing but a legal Union/ contact. Religion and Mrs. Davis’s beliefs have no purpose you sign the documents so people can be legally unionized and keep church and state separate.

      Until I was married in the Church religiously my marriage was not valid only legally. I was ok with that. I was covered legally with my will, banking and was considered family if something happened castoffic and he had 2 min to live to my husband and a POA was not on file with hospital. In same sex couples who are not married or have same last name they do not get that benefit their partner dies and they are just a friend. So I’m for legal Unions then have church marriage perhaps they should call them civil Union certificates for everyone. They call them civil divorces I think … I never had one. I just think Mrs. Davis over stepped her position

  6. Your query, “What if she talked to those young men as she wrote out their marriage license that day, asking them about their lives, laughing with them a bit, leaving them a little happier—a little better—than the way we found them?” inspired me to comment. It indicates a deficiency in your understanding of what Christianity actually is about. How did Jesus treat the woman caught in adultery? Did he laugh and share? Oh, wait! Nope! He muttered something under his breath about leaving her life of sin.

    Your Christianity probably isn’t Christianity at all. You fail to understand that Christianity is first and foremost about sin and redemption. Love and acceptance must be built upon the foundation that we are all sinners in need of a savior, and that, once saved, we should eschew our sinful ways. That we often fail to do so only underscores our inability to save ourselves.

    LGBT folks aren’t worse sinners than the rest of us, but they are sinners and we should not condone that sin any more than we condone adultery. Where’s the outcry for county clerks to issue marriage licenses for adulterers in committed relationships? How is that different? Because the Supreme Court hasn’t yet issued an opinion for it? Is SCOTUS now the arbiter of morality for Christians?

    1. I wonder if the author would call for the doctor or nurse performing an abortion to laugh and talk to the pregnant woman choosing to kill her unborn child. Or if we should laugh and talk to the murderers who are beheading our brothers and sisters in Christ while they commit such heinous crimes? After all, all sin is equal. And we shouldn’t judge others because they sin differently than us. Right? Kim probably isn’t a hero. She probably should have stepped down from the position she knowingly put herself in. However, to say she should have signed the marriage license and laughed and joked with this gay couple despite her morals and convictions, absolutely not.

  7. I cannot say I agree with you. I applaud her for standing up for what she believes in. And it’s not forcing your beliefs down someone’s throat. The homosexual moment is all about shoving their agenda down everyone’s throats. As a Christian, there is right and wrong. There is sin. I cannot condone sin even if it is the law of the land. I’m tired of this kind of weak Chrstiantiy. You cannot pick and choose whe the Bible makes things clear. Love the sinner, hate the sin but there is a clear line that is not to be crossed. There is not gray area. Homosexuality is sin. Lying is sin. Adultery is sin. Killing is sin. You can welcome the sinner in and help usher them to the saving grace of Christ but you cannot condone the sin.

  8. I think with the examples given, such as Daniel and the eating of food. If you read the book of Daniel carefully you will realize he learned many things from babylon including divination –a sin, however, learning something or following a protocol did not affect him as a person. With the food issue, he was a Jew, Kosher laws and Jews drink wine but the chaldeans of the time mixed blood with their wine, again anti kosher) so Daniel didn’t “bow” to idols but he followed his duties until they conflicted with his walk with G-d. If same sex marriges occur it isnt going to destroy my marriage. Kim Davis has been divorced and remarried several times, for a person that believes in the “sanctity of marriage” thats not taking a stand, thats projecting a frustration at other people. Peter and Paul lived in a time where Christianity was considered a sect, the Romans accused Christians of “cannibalism” due to the whole this is my flesh, this is my blood. The point is, the US government isn’t asking anyone to “bow” to nothing. They aren’t mandating churches to change their doctrines because newsflash, Judaism, Islam and other religions dont agree with this either, yet they aren’t making a big fuss about it. Nor is anyone asking people to stop being Christian. As a whole, it is WE christians that are destroying ourselves with premarital sex, drug abuse, corruption within our churches, and caring more about how many people we can fit in church than worrying about how we can help them heal, restore and fulfill their purpose that God gave them.

    I am tired of having politicians pretend to be “christian leaders” when they live corrupt lives. As Christians our job is to live as an example of how to be not tell people how live. Jesus never once rose to confront the Roman government evwn though Israel was being occupied by them. Not once did Jesus rise and “take a stand” against King Herod. He did however, take a stand WITHIN the temple, WITHIN the faith. I wonder how we as a nation would be if we looked into ourselves and asked those same questions rather than expect non believers to live the Christian life.

  9. God’s law is above man’s. God calls for obedience. Not just the fluffy, flowery, love parts. But the parts which demand you take a stand with Him. You do not get to pick and choose. Either you take the whole counsel of God or you throw it all out. No middle road. He even stated that He would rather have you hot or cold but since you are lukewarm, He will spit (spew, vomit, etc.) you out of His mouth. He also said that when we decide to follow Him that because they (the rest of the world) hate Him they will hate His followers also. Doesn’t sound like He sees nor calls only for the fluff. Being a Christian is not a life of warm fuzzies. It is a life of hard decisions as to where you stand, if you will stand, adversity because of that stand and hate and false accusations poured onto you. I think you need to go back and reread what is actually said in scriptures by Christ and the cost of being a Christian. He was brutally honest about it.

    1. “Whoever marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery” Luke 16:18

      All or none, which means no one can marry a divorced woman. So what you are saying is that whoever issued her a second, third, and fourth marriage license should have followed the Bible fully and refused to issue her a license?

  10. At what point do you stop allowing sin to rule the day? Oh, sorry it’s not convenient for me to say no to sin; so not today!
    Well Kim Davis’ day came on the day she said NO! to putting her name on a marriage certificate which would have been against her ethical or moral beliefs.
    It was also against the law in the land of Bluegrass and Churchill Downs; For Kim Davis to morally and ethically approve a license for a same-sex couple she would have been breaking the LAW of the land where she physically lives. And as of yet, that law is still on the books in Kentucky. Not matter what SCOTUS thinks. THEY are not the SUPREME LAW of the Land.
    On which Constitution does SCOTUS deem that it is unconstitutional for there to be a ban on same-sex marriage? It can’t be the US Constitution, because there is not a law in the US Constitution that defines what (marriage) is. If there is, than hey I could marry my pet monkey if I am so inclined to because there isn’t a law to forbid it!!!

    You say, well it was her job…Her job that she was elected to was to obey the Constitution of the State of Kentucky…It was the people of Kentucky that elected her to that office. Unlike SCOTUS, which are appointed. She was elected, so she was doing her due diligence by not breaking the constitution for which she was elected to uphold! In fact 75% of the people elected her for that job. Now if SCOTUS is going to overturn the will of the people every time SCOTUS doesn’t like something than heck do away with the voting rights of the people since you’re not going to listen to them anyway and let’s let SCOTUS rule the nation!!!

    1. You do not appear to understand the supremacy of the U. S. Constitution over any state constitution. No state may pass a law in violation of the U. S. Constitution. Lawsuits were filed in several states claiming constitutionally guaranteed rights to marriage between consenting same-sex couples were being denied by state laws. The lawsuits made their way up the judicial ladder all of the way to the U. S. Supreme Court, which IS the final arbiter of current laws. Agree with it or not (I do NOT, by the way, agreeing with Chief Justice John Roberts’ dissent that “Claim what you will…but you cannot claim this decision has anything to do with the Constitution”), but once SCOTUS makes a decision, it then determines what is or is not constitutional. Once they ruled same-sex marriages must be given the same constitutional protection as opposite-sex marriage, that trumped ALL state law. The only way to counter this is to win enough elections over a long enough time to either change the make-up of SCOTUS and re-litigate, or (my choice, as it is more difficult to undo) pass a “Life Amendment” that would define marriage as being between one consenting man and one consenting woman and also define life as being protected from the moment of conception to the irrevocable end of life, which would defeat abortion, same-sex marriage and euthanasia in one fell swoop.

  11. I read the first couple of paragraphs and realized a couple of things.
    First, Kim Davis asked for her name to be removed from the marriage certificates. She was asking for reasonable accommodations which are afforded us under our constitution.
    Did you know she also refused 2 straight couples marriage certificates? Did you know the gay couple in the video that made the news were from SAN FRANCISCO? This was a set up from the get go and you and your ilk are perpetuating this story of gay hatred. I apologize if you adressed what I have stated as I could not continue to read your slam Kim Davis piece.
    Second, it’s bologna, not boloney.

  12. I agree; she should just do her measly job or quit, but both sides of the debate are behaving badly. The happy couple are enjoying this spectacle just as much as Kim Davis. Pretending they are a sweet couple who just wanted a marriage license and happened to invite a camera crew is just stupid. “Oh I would have been mortified.” is misplaced empathy. They knew what would happened all along, and they are loving every single minute. The gay lobby enjoys flexing their muscles and occasionally ruining lives. Finally they picked someone who enjoys the attention as much as they do. They positively deserve each other. I hope the gay lobby runs into more Kim Davis’s. That would be justice. I know so many people will call me a “homophobe” just because I don’t enjoy watching the gay lobby take a power trip. In these fights if you don’t side with the gay lobby, you feel their wrath. But I don’t have a homophobic bone in my body. It isn’t a matter of my having a few gay friends either. I LOVE a few gay people more than I love my own life. But this isn’t way to convince people of anything. Both sides are obnoxious and are having too much fun.

  13. Juan, I especially liked your last paragraph. Jesus took a stand against the religious leaders of his day…..those that claimed to know God. He is our perfect example.

  14. She didn’t have a right? Neither did Shadrac, Meshac, and Abendego. Can’t serve two masters. And before you say she shouldn’t work for the government then, know that her job description changed after being hired, not before; just like it had for Daniel and the three thrown into the furnace.

  15. I suggest you re-read Daniel. He, along with Shadrac, Meshac, and Abendego were all hired officials for the province and only after being hired did their job description change to support an ungodly rule – to bow down to a statue replacing God. Did they follow the law of the land, being government officials? You cannot serve two masters.

    Truth: the new hate speech.

    1. Spot on. Daniel also spent the night in a den if lions for refusing to follow the king’s decree. God’s law is always greater.

  16. Does anyone ever think about the wealthy young man from the Bible? He asked Jesus what he had to do to recieve eternal life. Jesus said follow the commandments, he said he had. End of story right? Nope. Jesus knew that in that man’s heart he loved himself more than those less fortunate. He told this righteous man to sell everything he owned and give it to the less fortunate. The poor, needy. Notice he didnt say, “give it to the church, give it to other christians, give it to the righteous. Jesus understood that the heart is what matters most when it comes to interpersonal relationships, not just following commandments. So if two men or two women are in love and want to commit to each other for life, do you really think our Lord would look into their heart and call them evil? Why would you?

  17. Thanks for posting this. Although no longer a Christian I’m glad to see their a few left who still bother to follow Jesus and not some nasty hate filed right wing agenda and call it religion.

  18. I thought this was a great article…. I am sickened by the hate that is being posted in response -I too am a Christian but do not align myself with these intolerant people that have so much hate for others who believe differently. I feel sadness for them- it must be hard to live that way

  19. Aside from the whole religious standpoint, she didn’t even break the law. All the Supreme Court did is rule same sex marriage as legal. Well guess what, there’s two other branches that, that law must go through to become a law. Basically by putting her in jail and same sex people getting married, we have said that the judicial branch is supreme and we have gotten rid of our whole system of government where not one branch is more powerful than another. Food for thought

  20. The Problem with the premise of your whole article is the fact that she was obeying the Law. The Laws on the books in her home State of Kentucky forbid her to issue a Marriage License to a same-sex couple. The recent Supreme Court ruling is NOT “The Law of the Land” as most Americans erroneously believe. The Supreme Court does not and cannot make Law according to the Constitution. The correct legal interpretation of their ruling is that it actually puts the power to decide this issue back in the hands of the States. So, unless and until Kentucky amends it Laws to reflect the Supreme Court’s OPINION, Mrs. Davis would be breaking the Law if she issued same-sex marriage licenses.

    1. 100% correct Jeff, and that is why she would not allow her deputy clerks to do his job, because as his superior, she would be forcing him to break the law as well!!!

  21. Was gay marriage the law of the land when she was elected? By following the law she contributes to the notion that our desire is greater than our love for God. God asks us to love Him more than we love ourselves, including sexuality. “Normalizing” a homosexual union is ABSOLUTELY wrong Biblically. Lying is ABSOLUTELY wrong Biblically. Almighty God asks us not to lie, fornicate, engage in adultery, steal, and have any other gods before Him. If you continue to do these things either you don’t really believe that He is God, or you don’t care. Be obedient. Love God more than you love yourself. Deny your desires.

  22. Long ago, churches began to seek government approval for their work. Once upon a time (not long ago), the government did not issue marriage licenses. It was considered a religious and family related activity, not requiring government approval. When the government began to give advantages to those who were married according to the laws of the state, churches were even more supportive of the government promoting marriage. Many state-issued marriage certificates once referred to “holy matrimony.”
    At other points, the church has turned over benevolent ministry to the government. The government called it “welfare” as a way to justify it under the constitution (even though that was not the original meaning or the term).
    We could point to many other problems of conflict between church and state that would not even exist if we hadn’t permitted government to expand its reach into what should have remained the ministry of churches.

  23. Look at all you Christians busy tearing each other up. This is why I’m an atheist now. There is no Holy Spirit – if there was and it’s power real, this divide wouldn’t exist. There would be unity.

    I’m so glad I’m free of this craziness!

  24. Then what should she have done? Just sign her name on their marriage license and pretend it’s not a sin? I’m behind her, but had I been in her shoes, I would have just resigned immediately. She’s NOT wrong though.

  25. She reminds me of King Saul, “You son of a perverse and rebellious woman! Do you not think that I know, that you have chosen David, to the shame of your mother and your own nakedness?” Lol homophobes are nothing new… Mine and my husbands soul are knit together and we have made a convenient between each other and God. His love for me is greater than that of all women. And now that covenent is recognized by our federal government, and try as you might, none of you can take that from us! Peace be with you, as it is with us 🙂

  26. I read your article thoroughly and I very much appreciate it. I was in the process of writing a proper response to it, but I felt like it wouldn’t be quite worth it considering the existing ridiculous responses.

    I come from a very catholic family, but chose my own path. I do not follow a religious path, though philosophically a betting man would regardless. How is it so difficult for privileged Christians to act at their Christ would have? That alone turned me away from religion, and it seems very much a core issue when it comes to this issue. A woman who is on her 4th marriage is somehow a hero for resisting a government demand regarding her government position because it relates to resisting something that is mentioned less than divorce is?

    Truthfully it takes a great deal to not rant about these issues however. If Christians were closer to the Christ they worship, they’d be so much better. It really is unfortunate that this isn’t common.

  27. First, I never post comments anywhere, but this I couldn’t pass on. You can go on and on about this issue and make it so complex with your reasoning and eloquent wording. This is such a simple concept, do you believe in the bible? The bible says homosexuality is wrong. Quit twisting such a simple thing to make it suit your agenda!

  28. It is actually not the law of the land. The Supreme Court does not create laws. Kentucky’s state law reads that marriage is between a man and a woman.

  29. All of you people that are sticking up for kim fail to remember that she was giving the opportunity to let other people endorse the marriage certificates since it went against her beliefs. However she refused to let that happen i out of hate. If she was any kind of Christian she would have allowed that. It would have been the correct path for her to obey the law of man and the law of God. The fact that she did not do that and decided to create this giant situation shows what kind of hateful, judgmental person she is. Trying to play God. All she had to do was step out of the way and let life go forward love her brothers and sisters reguardless if who or what they are and let God do the judging later in life. But she was to full of the devils hate to do so and is making a mockery of the Christian faith with her misrepresentation of who we are. She doesn’t speak for God or the rest of the Christians. She will be judged for her actions.

    1. You made this statement: “All of you people that are sticking up for kim fail to remember that she was giving the opportunity to let other people endorse the marriage certificates since it went against her beliefs
      However she refused to let that happen i out of hate. If she was any kind of Christian she would have allowed that. It would have been the correct path for her to obey the law of man and the law of God. The fact that she did not do that and decided to create this giant situation shows what kind of hateful, judgmental person she is…”

      You fail to understand this about Kim’s job….In order for the marriage license to be legal, it had to have Kim’s name on it because she is the county clerk; Her name is what made it legal. Thus authorizing the license in that respect, is what was against her religious belief.
      Now, Kim was postponing issuing the license, so that the policy could be changed in order that the license could be legal without Her name being on the license. This is what the judge and court would not allow. They wouldn’t give Kim the time needed to change the policy. For whatever reason, the judge would not do it. The law in Kentucky is still on the books, and the law still says; Marriage is between one man and one woman and issuing a license to same-sex couples is still breaking the law!!!!

      What you have in front of you is: On June 26, 2015; Tyranny arose and overthrew the “will of the people” in the state of Kentucky, who had voted with 75% saying to ban same-sex marriage! If SCOTUS can infringe on the rights of the people and it did SCOTUS INFRINGED ON THE RIGHTS OF 75% OF THE CITIZENS OF KENTUCKY. Than your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th; and all the other Amendments will be next.
      And after this, there is no reason to vote in an election anymore because SCOTUS will overthrow the will of the people in that lawful election and install whomever they want into the the White House!!!

  30. I agree with you Michelle Light. However Kim Davis also needs to focus on humbleness. She is taking the focus away from God by positioning herself with people that want to praise her. She and the people rallying to her are setting their focus on her and not on Jesus.

    The best way to show God’s love and follow His laws are to focus on Him. Her job got in the way of praising Him, she needed to step down as county clerk and focus on another way of building her relationship with God and the lost souls in her community. If she were to focus on making a relationship with the people in her community, especially the people not part of her church, she would be able to better lead them to the light. Instead she is now on a stage with the spotlight on her, instead of God.

  31. Kayla,
    Thanks for writing! I greatly enjoy reading your blog; whether I agree or disagree with your thoughts, I am always inspired toward deeper thinking and contemplation through your posts. I came away from this read frustrated, mainly because I read through a lot of your comments (which obviously you have no control over.) It is frustrating to me that THIS is the post that got so much attention. Why oh why does homosexuality have to be such a focus of churches and Christians?? I have never understood it other than the fact that it is something that people think of as being generally outside the church and therefore easier to focus on (despite the fact that many homosexual identifying individuals would be likely christian candidates if this weren’t such on obsession). I suppose I just don’t understand why something that is only addressed in two or three verses of the bible (in rather vague terms in my opinion) has become such a hill for people to die on when there are other topics like divorce which is mentioned in Matthew 19:9 and Matthew 5:32 or 10:11 or any number of other verses WAY more than homosexuality and probably affects WAY more people within the Christian community. ANYWAYS love hearing your point of view and wish you and your fambam the best.

  32. Really thoughtful comments. Thank you for sharing.

    I can’t figure out why so many people think it’s acceptable to force their own variety of religion or beliefs on others. Nor how Kim Davis should in any way be celebrated. Don’t they see how terribly dangerous all this is? It seems it’s all well and good when the law breaker has the same beliefs, but what if Kim Davis was Muslim and denying licenses to Christians? Oh, then it would be a horrible thing, wouldn’t it? Just love people and live your life as you think YOU should. We have no right to force others to comply with our beliefs; one person’s beliefs are no more valid or important than anyone else’s — The only beliefs that should be discounted, in my opinion, are those that promote hate or discrimination.

  33. Kayla, thank you for your post! Coming from a country where – not too long ago – people whose religion was Jewish were deprived of the simplest rights, persecuted and killed in the most horrible way (as well as gay people or disabled persons) AND as long as no women, men, child, animals are hurt through any discussed action, all I can say:HUMANITY and LOVE over religion. And having the right to marry your love is human. And yes, I am a Christian. But I’m much more a human being. And the problems in our world are real, people. In my neighbourhood there a refugees living who had to flee their homecountry. To them it’s not the question who should marry or not, they are afraid of everything and even if they will ever be able to marry at all in this mess. This is my plea to all of you reading this, no matter what point of view you are coming from, please use your energy to help, love and understand each other and be full of humanity when the worlds issues are knocking on the door (or someone who asks you to bake a cake for their wedding). I believe that we all can do better.

  34. I just found your blog and am LOVING all of your posts!! And I totally agree. I may not personally agree with having same-sex marriage legalized, but it is, and i appreciate you making a Christian post about the topic. We are to motivate others through love and with open arms, not by judgement.

  35. Thank you so much for this. This is exactly how I feel – thank you for putting it so eloquently. I love that even if you rebuke, I can still feel your love – even if it’s strong, it’s still gentle. You’re a wonderful lady.

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