If you vote for Trump, chances are you’re being selfish

I couldn’t believe it as soon as I heard it.

I stood at the opening of the dressing room at Ross, waiting for my husband to come out and show me some of the dress slacks he was trying on. Right beside me was a hispanic couple–she had an armful of clothes and her husband was there to wait for her, just like me.

“Put the clothes on the rack first and I’ll give you a number,” the dressing room attendant said briskly.

The woman didn’t understand. She nodded, smiled politely, and kept the clothes in hand.

The dressing room attendant said it again, this time, pointing vigorously at the rack. Partially understanding, the woman draped her clothes on the rack, trying to obey what she was saying while obviously not speaking the language.

This set the attendant on edge. “No, use the hangers,” she said gruffly. And then to the other attendant, “I don’t have time for this.”

Spanish was an area of study for me throughout middle school and high school and it was my college minor where I also directed a Spanish newscast along with the English one so I quickly came to the woman’s side. I spoke to her in Spanish, letting her know what the attendant was talking about, and even helped her hang some of the blouses. All the while the attendant stood with crossed arms, rolling her eyes as the woman “held up the line”.

spanish crew

I couldn’t believe it. How could anyone be so ignorant?

And then it occurred to me–I shouldn’t be surprised.

We live in a country built upon the backs of immigrants. Heck, we ARE immigrants. We live in a country where diversity is the only reason we have the foods we do, the cultures we do, the inventions and the technology that we do–yet suddenly we have forgotten. Suddenly, a man like Donald Trump who is not only supportive, but VOCAL about his dislike of immigrants–is actually STILL in the race. How has he not been completely shut out? It’s because we’ve forgotten who we are. And ignorance is the most violent element in society.

“I don’t have time for this,” the attendant had said. And I think that’s what a million (probably more) people think. We don’t have time for the people who are here for the same reasons we are. And Donald Trump, again and again, has spoken out about his “ideal America”, and it does not seem to reflect what we actually are.

diverse america

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists…” he said.

No, Donald. Most of them are simply trying to try clothes on at the store without having you roll their eyes at them. They’re trying to work long hours to feed their family. They’re trying to learn YOUR language, which happens to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. They’re trying to live.

The short video clip below highlighting the moment where Trump kicks a Muslim woman out of one of his rallies speaks loud and clear:

Trump kicks Muslim woman out of rally

trump photo

And to me, the most disturbing part isn’t that a presidential candidate called out a woman wearing an hijab. The most disturbing part to me is that there are hundreds–maybe thousands– of supporters around him booing her and screaming at her and being strangely reminiscent of 1940’s nazi Germany.

nazi germany

The day we’ve forgotten where we’ve come from and the mistakes that led to mass genocide, hate, and digression is the day when we deteriorate as a country and kill ourselves all over again. It doesn’t matter that you might be a Christian. It doesn’t matter that you’re white and only speak English. It doesn’t matter that your idea of the American Dream is to live and work with those who look and sound just like you. It doesn’t matter that you “don’t have time” for immigrants.

Because what we really don’t have time for is selfishness.

Somewhere along the line your great-great-great grandmother came over from Ireland or Spain or any of the other countless countries. Somewhere along the line your ancestors didn’t speak a lick of English and had to work in factories to get ahead in this country. Somewhere along the line your blood was new to this country.

irish immigrants

We can’t let a man like Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter make us forget that. We can’t let him forget that the reason he sits on his wealth and owns his fancy hotels is because somewhere along the line someone sacrificed for him to have the wonderful life he leads.

Standing behind a man who has those notions makes you selfish and blind to the reason we’re all here. It makes you forget we’re all simply–human.

I’m not making a political stance by saying that our borders should be wide open and that there should be no control. I’m not saying that protecting our nation and doing things the right way in regards to citizenship should be done away with. Obviously that would be catastrophic as well and balance needs to be struck. I don’t like even getting political because I feel like everyone has a right to their own opinion and their own vote. But this has to do with our brothers and sisters. The hate and the misunderstanding and the people who say “I don’t have time for you”–that needs to go. And we need to stand for it.

I don’t wish to live my life selfishly, only thinking about my skin and my voice and my ways of living. I don’t wish to live in a country where there is segregation–the kind of segregation that we worked so hard to overcome.


I don’t wish to stand behind a man who actually called for a “great wall” that would be “paid for by Mexico”.

Even Benjamin Franklin said of immigrants, “they contribute greatly to the improvement of a Country.”

And he is right. Our world, our country is a melting pot. How can we not speak up when we see our neighbors and our friends and our families being told to get out? How can we let dressing room attendants roll their eyes and women with hijabs get taunted and escorted out by security? How can we let any of this happen to our brothers and sisters?

How can we stay silent?

53 thoughts on “If you vote for Trump, chances are you’re being selfish

    1. This is an inspiring, spiritual post, because it is talking about the great commandment, love our neighbors as our selves. It is talking about love and not surrendering to fear.

      1. Thank you, Quint. That’s exactly why I wrote it. It has little to do with a political stance and more to do with standing up for those who live right beside us.

    2. Kayla is very versatile, she can blog about anything. She is very open minded and not at all bias with her blogs. She let’s her audience make up their own minds.. one thing I love about kaylas writing:) good job!

    1. Wow. This is a fantastic post. Those who are ‘unsubscribing’ should really take an inward look… that’s the nicest way that I can put it.

      1. The people who are unsubscribing obviously just don’t have an open mind. They see this blog as a attack and if they feel so attacked, maybe, just maybe they should rethink on who they want to vote for;) haha

  1. I think it is fine to use your blog for political opinions. Totally fine. But I don’t think it is fine to assume that everyone who supports Trump is selfish and anti-immigrant. That dressing room clerk was wrong, but I don’t think Trump is to blame – that attitude was around long before he became a candidate. My dad and grandparents are immigrants from Italy, and I think most Americans are opposed to ILLEGAL immigrants, not all immigrants. I don’t get from Trump that he is against all immigrants and all non-whites. Not in the least. Sorry, but I respectfully disagree.

    1. Your dad and grandparents likely arrived at a time when any white immigrant from a European country could show up at our borders and legally enter. That’s how our immigration laws worked for the majority of U.S. history. Please don’t assume that your immigrant-relatives were somehow better or more deserving because they came here legally. They came here legally because any white person could at the time. Try understanding why illegal immigrants came here in the first place; I bet if you were in their shoes you’d do the same exact thing.

      1. We don’t only allow white people to come to the country legally. And yes, people who come here legally should be more deserving because they did it the right way… following the law rather than breaking it. The whole immigration system is a mess. Our country has made it difficult for people to come here legally, and that should change. (Illegal immigration contributes to that difficulty.)

      2. Freedommom, unsurprisingly, you misread what I said. I said that for the MAJORITY of U.S. history, any white person from Europe could just show up and come in legally. Obviously that is very different today, but Kate made it seem like her immigrant family members were better because they worked hard to fill out the legal paperwork, etc., when in reality they probably just purchased a plane or boat ticket and that was enough.

  2. Amen Kayla!!!! Every time Trump opens his mouth he spreads more hate! We shouldn’t stand idly by while people put down others, not for their actions, but for the actions of people who share a skin color or claim to have the same religion. People should be judged by their own actions and not as a group. Thank you so much for spreading your views in a positive and loving way. You’ve done it again! 😉

  3. Why don’t you use the term ILLEGAL immigrant rather than just immigrant? Because that is what Trump is referring to. It would be awesome to see a blog post about how someone like Donald Trump, a self-absorbed, immoral bully could be president. How Hillary Clinton, a woman being investigated by the FBI could be president, and Bernie Sanders, a socialist who goes against what this nation was built on could be president. The fact that these three candidates even stand a chance is what is really appalling. (Not 1 mean lady in a dressing room) Illegal immigration causes many, many problems for many people, and we are a nation of laws, so please don’t make those of us who are concerned about that into horrible, un-Christlike people who are selfish. I support a wall, I don’t support Trump. Where I live I don’t leave my doors open and unlocked, I call that protecting my family. It’s common sense. It’s interesting that you take this dressing room experience and write this whole blog post bashing Trump and his supporters. I’ll just end here as I am sad that you seem to have a hard time seeing/acknowledging two sides of a story or a problem, and seem to be very quick to label people who don’t agree with your social beliefs.

    1. Wrong. Trump has also proposed to kick out all Muslims (even legal residents). Also, I would challenge you to understand the other side of the story.

    1. Do you believe in the First Amendment? If so, let her express her views, regardless of whether they are different than yours.

      1. Freedommom, you’re really entertaining me today. I was referring to respecting Kayla’s right to express herself, not to any protestors at Trump’s events. Obviously those are private events, and they aren’t a public forum. Also *too

      2. Just drop it, TK. It is you that is starting to sound annoying. The rest of us have moved on and away from the offensive heading that if we vote for Trump we just might be selfish. Today’s post was wonderful, read it and move on.

  4. There are several interesting points in this blog: The need to practice common courtesy in our day-to-day interactions social and commercial. The need to treat ESL folks with kindness and assist when their language is not yet sufficient to the task at at hand (I’ve been in that situation in China, Korea, Russia and France). As a decedent of immigrants (German ones who arrived in Philadelphia in 1774) we have all assimilated. That assimilation was driven largely by the intolerance of the folks my ancestors lived with. Two points remain: assimilation of immigrants is the key to a quality life in the US of A and an understanding of the rise of the Brown Shirts in post WWi Germany is essential when deciding where to place your support in Republican candidates. BTW don’t get me started on Bernie because I lived and worked in China.

  5. Oh my goodness, right when I began to read this blog I knew kayla was in for a battle. Although I truly believe kayla worded this very nicely withought attacking anyone who may be for Trump! Kayla only simply says in so many ways to be more loving toward our fellow people. Be more understanding and know before you vote how many families will be hurt by the vote of trump. We are Americans, we should learn to love, not to build a wall to separate us! Miss kayla, your blog was very eye opening for myself, and i thank you for this:) also, if anyone feels this blog was tilted away from being spiritual, read it again! It’s all about how to love one another in a better way!

      1. You live in a border state? Great, then you should understand that a wall only inspires innovation in the Narcos. They’ve become excellent tunnel builders throughout California.

      2. Well, this would be one expense that the fed has a constitutional ability to make. We could take from other areas of the federal government… things that aren’t mandated by the constitution. People do WANT to come here. And smart and hardworking people DO come here the right way. And having a wall will not change that. And if you want it to be easy to kick out the illegal criminals, then you have to make it harder for them to get back. We kick some of them out, and they walk back in. What is wrong with Mexico remaining their own country? You don’t have to be a part of the USA to be a good country or to be good, smart, successful people. On a side note, this is an interesting video about immigration. http://www.ijreview.com/2015/11/481372-an-eye-opening-video-youve-got-to-see-about-immigration-and-refugees-that-uses-gumballs/

  6. I hope we could understand Kayla is asking us to be kind to those around us. We are seeing a time where people are angry, impatient, unkind, vitriol and unwilling to be even somewhat open to the needs of others. We are losing what has made this a great country. Please don’t shoot the messenger. Use your minds and your hearts.

  7. That is the beauty of blogging–it is YOUR blog! You can do whatever you want with YOUR blog. I love this post. You’re awesome.
    Keeping writing whatever the heck you want.

  8. I enjoyed the blog because Kayla’s been consistent throughout her writings. This isn’t political. Look past the title and understand the main point–kindness matters

  9. I so agree with your “Trump” blog
    that I received today. As an immigrant
    coming from England in 1968 at the grand old age of 20, and now an American citizen, I am SO blessed
    to be a part of this amazing country.
    It horrifies, and also scares, me what will happen to our country if Mr. (??!!!) Trump is elected. Thanks for your
    insight, thought provoking, endearing
    and God loving blog!

  10. The problem with your article is that it is inaccurate. Trump never said he hated immigrants he said let them come legally. He is correct. Right now we are spending a fortune taking care of the illegals without contribution. Their are many good immigrants that are legal contributing wonderful people. But if we don’t fix Washington and the economy we can’t feed anyone.

    1. Except he wants to kick out legal residents that are Muslim… he said that too. What lack of contribution are you alluding to? You do also realize that immigrants (even illegals) pay taxes too, right? Unless they work under the table–which most don’t–they have income taxes and social security benefits taken out just like the rest of us. They pay sales taxes too. The only difference: they cannot qualify for the majority of the assistance that is out there. They can’t get welfare (regardless of what Rush told you); they can’t get food stamps (regardless of what Mr. Beck told you); they don’t qualify for most forms of assistance. If they have children that were born here, those children-citizens can qualify for those things (and often do because of they are poor). But, if you want to change that, you’ll have to change the 14th Amendment (good luck with that).

  11. Kayla isn’t talking politics here people–she’s talking about treating people with respect. Regardless of your view of his politics, you SHOULD be disgusted about how Trump–and particularly his followers–treat people. Trump has called Mexicans rapists, he’s advocated killing the family members of terrorists (which is a war crime), and he’s even suggested he could shoot someone on a crowded fifth avenue in NY and not lose a vote. That SHOULD shock you. Trumps supporters have spit on protestors, they have violently attacked minorities, they’ve even flashed Nazi symbols. That SHOULD shock you. If those things don’t shock you, that’s fine, but don’t you dare call yourself a Christian (or a Latter-day Saint). If those things don’t shock you and you think you’re a Christian, you better reread the Sermon on the Mount until that sinks in.

  12. Kayla,

    I have been a reader at random times for a couple of years and happened to take a look today. I just wanted to voice my support and let you know that unlike some commenters above, I am subscribing today – you are gaining support, not losing it! You have a strong, beautiful, and compassionate voice.

  13. big·ot: a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.
    If this post in your blog is about loving your neighbor, what about your neighbor that is a Trump supporter? Are they less deserving of your kindness and understanding than illegal immigrants?

  14. “Omg she wrote a post that could be taken as political! It veered somewhat off course of what I want to see better unsubscribe even though every other post has been gorgeous and taking the time to look past generalizations that are only human mistakes, this one actually has a pretty good message too!”

    😐 Can’t say I’m impressed with a lot of the people dropping off.

    Anyway generalizations and inaccuracies aside, I think this is an excellent post, since the distrust and dislike of foreigners has been around as long as I can remember, especially since I grew up in AZ where there are a lot of Hispanic folk who don’t speak English, or not much of it. I was taught by all the other white American-born English speakers to look down at those people as people who didn’t belong. So maybe there are some problems with the political part of the post. That doesn’t change the fact that hatred of our more foreign brothers and sisters (or our totally not foreign but still different from the white Christian neighbors) is rampant, and it’s a much needed message. And if the flood on my newsfeed is to be believed, there ARE a lot of Trump supporters who do hope he’ll rid the country of immigrants who are very different from the “average” American – average in quotations since I don’t actually know for sure if the average American is white and Christian.

  15. We have a voice and it’s fine for us to share. I shutter to think of him leading our country. Above all I pray for God’s will to be done.. and pray always for someone of integrity and role model for our youth..

  16. After reading this article,it really gave me a lot of thought.As a mexican american I’ve been told by my parents the horrors of crossing that border and they were only in their teenage years.Getting shot by the immigration police and seeing people die in the desert just to get there.There’s a lot of sacrifice to achieve the american dream.You really have to look at different sides to the story.Diversity makes the United States unique and without it and that’s what this article is talking about.Whether you agree with me or not I believe that without immigrants America would just be plain boring.There’s a lot of people you can meet and instead of stereotyping other people based off of color or culture,we should try to accept them and make them feel welcome.We are all people..It’s not so much of a challenge for my family and I because I’m bilingual I speak Spanish and English.So think about the different sides of the story rather than just yours.If you don’t understand the sacrifices of immigrants take my parents positions when they were 18 or 17 having to hide in a truck some even died or got sick People!

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