Dying naturally is NOT undignified: What we can learn from Brittany Maynard

This is one of those blog posts where I’ve written the first sentence about thirteen different times and I’ve deleted it just as many times. Here goes sentence number fourteen. I think it’s because deep down inside I dread talking … Continue reading

Forgiving Cain: And everything else we owe to the undeserving

In the past, challenges¬†have usually turned my mind toward Christ. But something that just happened recently turned my mind toward Cain as well.   Yes, that Cain.   The Cain who killed his brother thousands of years ago and has … Continue reading

Everything you’re not: And why it keeps getting in the way

I believe in the power of words. Very, very much so. All my life it’s been one of my strongest beliefs along with one of my greatest loves. Maybe it started back when I finished my first Steinbeck novel and … Continue reading

I can do without: Lessons from a one-legged crow

Mother nature can be a funny thing. I don’t think it means to be smart or inspiring, even though it often is. I mean, think about it. The sun doesn’t set out each day¬†to look absolutely breathtaking and I don’t … Continue reading