Lemmony Things on the radio: Come be part of it today!

Hey guys!

Today I’ll be a guest on a great radio show put on by Missionary Depot called White Dress Shirts on Bikes. The coolest part of this is in my opinion is–YOU can watch the show live today at 2 pm Pacific Time by coming right here to this post. The countdown clock you see below will turn into a live feed of the show. *Technology seriously keeps blowing my mind*

ALSO–if you want to interact with me during the show or ask questions, click this link: Kayla on air

We’re gonna have so much fun, and I hope you tune in and take part in it because all of you are the BEST part of writing.

You can check out the blogs for the radio show here: Dennis Duce and Missionary Depot.

See you guys soon!

2 thoughts on “Lemmony Things on the radio: Come be part of it today!

  1. Kayla, I am so glad you are exited to be on the show. It is going to be great to talk about how you use this blog to share things so close to your heart. This is true missionary work in a modern day (later-day) way.

    If any of you have questions you can ask Kayla live during the show. HOW COOL IS THAT?

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