Come on over to my new blog!

Hi dear friends!

As many of you already know, I recently decided to lay Lemmony Things to rest and I have started a new blog called These Mountains We Climb.

With lots of changes in my life, I decided it was time for a clean slate and a new chapter.

That being said, I sure have loved blogging on Lemmony Things and more so than that, I have loved meeting all of you, hearing your stories, making new friends, and learning from so many of you through your comments, messages, and blogs that you keep. I’m so so so incredibly blessed to have found that. I love all of you–seriously I do! 🙂

I would love nothing more than for you to continue with me and follow my new blog. We may not agree on everything (that’s what makes life fun) but I think we can all find common ground in our core beliefs of family, God, love, joy in the good times, and faith through the tough times.

These Mountains We Climb will continue the mission of Lemmony Things, just in a different kind of way. But the heart of it–just like Lemmony Things–is to bring us all together, to shift our perspectives toward the good, and to find common ground despite differences.

Thank you again for reading, encouraging me, and teaching me. I hope to see you over at These Mountains We Climb–and I hope to keep hearing from you!

You can follow my new blog here>>

love one another



One thought on “Come on over to my new blog!

  1. I read your new blog post on your new blog. To make a long story short (need to go to sleep- work tomorrow :/ ) I married a jerk. Tried to stay with him for 15 years. We got married in the temple. He seemed everything I ever wanted. It was all smoke and mirrors. Sometimes I get angry because I asked God if I should marry him and felt I should. BUT God allows us to make our own choices. In the end I left him and have been happily married for 10 years. During that unhappy marriage (and after) I went to many bishops. Some had good advice and some didn’t. I had to remind myself they are just men trying to do what they think is right. They have families, and jobs and stress and their own problems. People were judgmental of me for many reasons. I’m finally old enough that I don’t care. Anyway, I just hope that one day you can look back at the church and see that the people are so NOT perfect but the gospel and the teachings are. Church is a place for the weak and sick to learn to be better. People fake that all is well and in reality we all struggle. So sorry you have been through so much! My sweet 20 year old daughter started at BYUI in 2013. Met a guy (not at BYUI) in 3014 and got married in the temple. He left her in 2015. She was heart broken but now is glad that’s what happened. She’s gripped tighter to the church and the temple. Anyway, hugs to you!! Hope you can find joy in your life and peace!

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